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Actual Footage Boston Bombing Suspects Fire Fight With Police


I dunno but sounds like

- 24 seconds: “chill out”
- 26 seconds: “chill out”, “chill out”
- 31 seconds: “chill out”
- 37 seconds: “we didnt do it”
- 41 seconds: “we didnt do it”
- 45 seconds: “we didnt do it”
- 1 minute 9 seconds: “hey officer”

is this in accordance with police testimony ? I dunno...maybe you do...

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This is a must see, must hear video.

So where is all the bombs and grenades full of shrapnel that

supposedly cut the younger brothers throat from that nigh??? Sure doesn't sound like they even are armed or firing back at the police


Because the video is not even 2 minutes long. I'm guessing the confrontation lasted a little longer than 2 minutes.


And the shrapnel was conjecture, the guy who said that said "to me it looked like more like a knife wound, it wasn't a puncture hole it was a slice there where it was spread open, possibly a piece of shrapnel from one of the explosives that they were using the night before". So he's not a doctor mind you, he is a SWAT team leader, and he is just telling what it looked like to him. A grazing shot on the neck would look the same I am guessing, but I'm not a doctor either.

gross negligence or attempted murder by govt officials

these officers should be indicted by a grand jury for firing on an unarmed U.S. citizen, a SUSPECT who has knowingly given himself up.

After the indictment they should be brought up on charges of attempted murder, face prison time, and punitive damages to the federal govt, the media companies, and the local officers for inciting the public, gross negligence, and aiding and abetting excessive force.

We the people need prior restraint injunction precedent to stop the media from inciting the public, stop the military style occupations, and enforce justice in the balance of investigating suspects and fighting terror.

Boston was proof they could use American streets as military battlefields and enforce military rule like the kings we declared ourselves sovereign from. You do NOT shoot at private citizens without due process unless those private citizens are presenting an actual and present danger... Yelling is not dangerous, America needs her remedies or these brutes will own us eventfully.

A true flower can not blossom without sunlight and a true man can not live without love.


It sure sounds like someone yelling "stop" several times and then "we give up" and "we didn't do it." This only bolsters my suspicion that the truth is being buried in regards to whatever it really was that happened in Boston.

When there is a criminal on the loose, fear the police.

I think the lock down is not so much to protect us from terrorists, but rather to protect us from scared police men with guns shooting at anything and everything that moves.

I bookmarked the youtube a week ago and posted yesterday and

it got lots of down votes. I sent it to AJ twice and he put it up on his site today and now everyone likes it.
Go figure.

And I up voted you, just so you'll know when all the naysayers come on tonight and start down voting.

Then what you did worked.

mission accomplished. Congrats to you really, cause spreading info is really all we can do, and you really made a difference.

Only down votes would be from the shills, so really I could care less, but I even doubt they will outnumber the freedom-fighters, even with their numerous ip adresess. We all know the trolls are out in force with new ip all the time, its not going to work this time.

The new world order is failed at start. And there will be no new entry.

Might seem to work for a while , but really the game is over since a long time.

It sure sounds like "We didn't do it" to me

and it sounds like no one cared what they were saying, they were to be taken dead or dead. Bunch of steroid juiced goons running on epinephrine, killed one of their own.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

Geez fishy, caught you yet

Geez fishy, caught you yet again trying to stretch the truth. The police did not kill one of their own, they said they were investigating if the bullet an MBTA officer took in the leg that he is recovering from was from friendly fire.

Not trying to pick on you but it's no wonder you believe the things you do, you get facts mixed and stretched pretty regularly it seems, and they always seem to favor your theories.


from the sound of the shots fired, there were no shots came from the distance (the suspect)...
he was unarmed, CONFIRMED, during the shootout. so... if he was unarmed, who else could have shot the officer in the leg but someone else who was shooting? which was? oh yeah, only the firing squad officers.... LOL

maybe you should use 2+2=4 instead of MSM+Lies= Truth.


I use Blue Wave, but don't expect one of THEIR silly taglines.

Seems you have facts mixed up too

They say the younger brother was unarmed when he was found in the boat. They do NOT say that the brothers were unarmed during the shooutout. In fact they are said to have explosives by both the police and witnesses to the confrontation.

Pretty clear one of them has a gun aimed at police in this photo

Maybe you should get facts straight so you are adding up the right numbers to come to the right answer.


You have identified

the individuals in the photo?

Well it's from the same "fire

Well it's from the same "fire fight with police" that the above video is from. So we are talking about the same people. It's whoever you think it is on the above video.......so.
The older brother was killed in the "fire fight" so kinda hard not to believe one of them was him. Multiple witnesses saw him get run over. But like I said either way, it's the same people in the video above and one of them is armed and the police did not "kill one of their own" during this.


for getting my back. Silly of me to presume an unarmed man did not shoot anyone...

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.