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National Radio Host Calls for Obama Impeachment Over Dropped Warnings on Boston Bomber

Kuhner is a bit of a "clash of civilizations" Islam-basher, but I will unite with whomever I must to begin the American Spring. Nothing has the potential for it like the Boston bombing. They struck at our heart, the very symbol of our freedom. And they did it with the FBI's help.

I'll be happy to argue with Jeff about blowback and 9/11 anytime. But first we all have to stop whoever is killing us.

Another writer calling for the FBI Director to step down puts his finger on the FBI's slick spin-meistering, which represents warnings as "requests for information" to the dumb hicks. In the Digital Journal article "Calling for the FBI Director to resign over the Boston bombing" the writer says:

"The FBI and other agencies are portraying their bungling of repeated Russian warnings about Tamerlan Tsarnaev as "requests for information."...But Russian intelligence was not asking if Tamerlan was going to "join unspecified underground groups." It was telling the FBI. Russian intelligence was not asking if Tamerlan was a "follower of radical Islam." It was making an affirmative statement."

Kuhner of the top-rated, nationally syndicated Kuhner Report writes in the Washington Times:

"The Russian government tipped off the FBI that Tamerlan was a likely jihadist with ties to terrorist groups in Chechnya. The Tsarnaevs are ethnic Chechens who come from Dagestan, a Russian region in the Caucasus that neighbors Chechnya. It is simmering with Muslim extremists. Tamerlan made several visits. He posted numerous YouTube videos praising Islamic terrorism and violent anti-Americanism. After interviewing him in April 2011, FBI agents concluded he posed no threat. Yet in September 2011, the CIA wanted Tamerlan placed on a high-priority terrorist watch list. The FBI did nothing. In fact, in January 2012, Tamerlan again visited Dagestan, this time for nearly seven months. That is where he likely received his training and skills to launch the Boston attacks.

In short, our government had the potential Boston bomber and let him go. Moreover, Russian officials warned U.S. intelligence agencies multiple times about Tamerlan’s jihadist activities. Again, the FBI did nothing. They didn’t even follow up and track the older brother after he returned from Dagestan. The Obama administration turned a blind eye to the evil in their midst. The result is that four people are dead and more than 260 injured. This is not only grossly incompetent, but scandalous. Senior administration officials should resign. FBI Director Robert S. Mueller III must go. Attorney General Eric H. Holder Jr. should be made to step down... "

Rep. Mike McCaul on Dropped Warnings to FBI


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the media spin

on the ruskies tipping us off makes no sense. Make no mistake Russia is an adversary at best and more likely an enemy. I don't think the ruskies were tying to "help us out" Why would they? We are funding and training radical muslims in Russia's back yard to create chaos and terror in Russia....and they know it!

The older chechy was attending a CIA workshop in the region. I believe that the Russians were letting us know that they were aware of the fact that the older chechy brother was working for the cia and the threat Russia is concerned about is not an attack in the U.S. but rather an attack targeting Russia.

Russia was letting us know that they know the game and they are getting fed up. Who do you think authorized outing the story in the Russian press? The ruskies knew that this info would complicate the obummer admins. cover up and lies.

The ruskies just made our law enforcement agencies look foolish as well as the obummer admin. The ruskies are having a good laugh now watching obummer and his cronies dance.

this may not be

something that Obummer could be impeached for but Fast and Furious IS and Bengazi IS.

russian spin

U S spin webs of pure deceit all at the behest of ZionistRothchildmachine