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Military Suicides & the future of the Chaplain's Office

If there's ONE issue near and dear to Ron Paul's heart, it's military suicides; and the exponential INCREASE since the wars that were started because of 9/11; the event the world KNOWS wasn't some "surprise attack" by suicidal Muslims alone!

Now, this vengeful hypocrite full of hate for Christianity, Mikey Weinstein(as much a fan of the Southern Poverty Law Center's Hate Group list as that moron Floyd Lee Corkins who had attacked the Family Research Council's headquarters with murderous intent because of his loathsome views of fundamentalist Christian viewpoints on social issues); has been tapped by the Obama Administration to develop new policies on religious tolerance at the Pentagon!!!

Are you kidding me? I already wrote one piece today on Obama provoking Christians(to wrath he can only hope); but this one escaped my notice until just now...


With respect to military suicides(and I really want Dr. Paul to GO PUBLIC in this issue); I want you to listen to these VETERANS near Fort Bragg have a round table discussion about how philosophically bankrupt this guy is, how the chaplaincy is handled in the military presently, how soldiers are given ALTERNATIVE counseling other than spiritual counseling if they prefer; but especially how the suicide rate of those who have never been deployed rivals those in combat zones!!!


9/11 was a LIE from the pit of HELL; how much more must our men and women suffer because of this!!!!

We MUST dethrone these SOB's in Congress and the White House who keep perpetuating every last destructive policy that directly assaults our civil liberties, and sentences a green believer in our Constitution and our God Blessed founding to a life of fear, confusion, frustration, loss of faith in the God of our founders, and hopelessness that leads to suicide!

Rise up, for our SOLDIERS; ...RISE UP!!!! My heart is heavy, I've never served, but spiritually speaking...I get it...these guys, OUR GUYS, are in pain and anguish!!!

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...I warned that Christians were going to be accused of having been "radicalized" also...this guy wants to run learned Gospel knowledgeable chaplains out of our military, and his extreme language here shows his ignorance and disdain for the fundamentalist faith George Washington had when he served, and prayed with his troops even!

Anyone? No comments, in 4 hours this thread just sinks away unto obscurity,,?

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ZERO response....so far....

Anyone? The spiritual condition of our troops being used as mercenaries and sacrificial fodder post 9/11, now under THIS latest assault by THIS commander-in-chief's Godless agenda???