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List of corporations supporting the Internet sales tax legislation

The legislation's sponsor in the Senate, Sen. Mike Enzi (R-Wyo.), picked up $5,000 from Home Depot and $1,000 from Walmart's PAC. However, one of his three original co-sponsors, Sen. Lamar Alexander (R-Tenn.), seems to have attracted the most attention from supporters of the idea. Between March 20 and March 31, according to the FEC's most recent filings, he received at least $41,000 from PACs run by supporters of the Internet sales tax:

$9,000 from Home Depot, March 31
$5,000 from AutoZone, March 31
$5,000 from the Retail Industry Leaders Association PAC, March 26
$3,500 from the PAC of lobbying firm Patton Boggs (which represents Amazon and other clients that support the proposal), March 20
$2,500 from Best Buy, March 26
$2,500 from Lowes, March 20
$2,500 from JC Penney, March 26
$2,500 from Target, March 26
$2,500 from Walmart, March 31
$2,000 from Amazon, March 26
$2,000 from Lowes, March 26
$2,000 from Safeway, March 31


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gurble blurm.

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needs more attention


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Cancelled Amazon "prime"

I cancelled my Amazon "prime" auto-renewal. I hope they send me a questionnaire.

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Renewed mine

I think Amazon is on the right side of this one. In fact, this is a rare instance where the majority of the "liberty movement" including both Pauls have it wrong. Until someone can explain to me why we should treat a sale on the internet where there is no presence in my state differently from a sale on the internet where there is a presence (even if not from that presence) I'm going to support this one instance of properly using the commerce clause.

Because tax is theft?