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WA State Votes on Monstersatan

In fight to label genetically modified food

(MONROE, WA) -- It appears that Washington State will become a key battleground in the consumer led fight to label genetically modified food.

Sunday’s end to the Washington State Legislature’s 105-day regular session means our state's voters will decide whether genetically modified food should be labeled, because lawmakers in Olympia did not take action on Initiative 522.

The measure is considered by some to be our state's version of the “Right to Know” law (Proposition 37) that California voters narrowly rejected last November.

I-522 is an “Initiative to the Legislature” under our state's constitution so lawmakers could have adopted it or proposed their own version of it, but because they took no action the measure goes on the November ballot with the language written by its sponsors, according to a report in Food Safety News which notes that, "At least five separate committees (are) registered to raise money in the support of the measure. Together they spent close to $1 million so far, most probably on petition signature gathering. Total cash on hand reported by the committees is more than $400,000."

Mark Funk, described as the man who leads I-522’s opposition via his “No on 522″ committee has opened a bank account with $1,144 deposited so far, says the report.

In California opponents of the labeling law outspent Prop 37 supporters, $45 million to about $10 million.

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