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At McDonalds on South Beach (Miami) a guy yells "I work for the state!"

I was in the most popular McDonalds on South Beach last night and, seemingly out of nowhere, a statist who was there on his laptop began to get excited. Another young man, who was loitering inside the restaurant near the door (innocently waiting for a friend to meet him while he looked at his phone) was the cause for the statist's concern. The statist made a scene and proclaimed to the rest of the customers and staff that the loiterer was a problem. "I work for the state!" the paranoid guy exclaimed in an effort to intimidate.

Nothing else notable developed from the situation, I just wanted to relay my first hand experience with the pervasive and violent attitude of a statist.t

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Aka, "I work for Public

Aka, "I work for Public Works", aka, "I am a garbage man".

Southern Agrarian

I am very familiar with that

I am very familiar with that place - near Lincoln and Washington. Some characters in there. ;)

Yes, seems like a pretty tame

Yes, seems like a pretty tame outburst for south beach


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"Is this here lynch party...?"

"..fer ME?!"

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Ah we'll I wouldn't worry

Ah we'll I wouldn't worry about him too much. He'll die young eating that crap anyway.

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