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Comments dos and don'ts

I just realized I've been going about this Daily Paul thing all wrong! My wife and I came to a realization as I'm sure many of you have in the past. Whether it's on a MSM website, YouTube or a million other places. NEVER read the comments! Ha. Wow, the key to peace on the internet. See, communication on the internet is false communication designed to steal our lives from us. If we spend all our time trolling (which is really what all debating is online) we miss out on the real conversations around us. Who among us really has the time to bring a typed conversation to a decent conclusion with respect, dignity and peace of mind and still live our lives, love our families, worship our god, read good books, make Art, write songs? I know I don't, I give terse answers that are read as "judgmental" (the new catch phrase of victory) or derogatory because I have 5 minutes here or 5 minutes there to read and type.

But the reality is, I've been going at the Daily Paul all wrong. Assuming I SHOULD read the comments here! We're all Liberty lovers! We'll get along! Ha. I WASTE soooo much time that I could be spending doing things that matter, commenting on nonsense and good things here only to have it blow up in my face, no matter how good my intentions are. The ideas you bandy about in 20 hours of typing, being misconstrued, and correcting could be discussed with the actual emotional content you intend face to face in 10 minutes. You'd be better understood and you'd effect more change in other's minds. So as of today, no more comments for me, even on the Daily Paul. God bless you all and true peace! Ha, don't bother commenting! I won't read it!

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You need some cheeze...

with your whine. :)

~wobbles but doesn't fall down~