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The Seven Shadow Kingdoms That Rule America


Look closely: “Game of Thrones” is America’s alternative history, with Washington as ground zero for the world’s 147 nations in a time warp with the magical continents of Westeros and Essos, where the battles between the Shadow Kingdoms of Capitalism rage on, for our civilization, our planet, all fighting for the Iron Throne.

Today you can feel these two “Games” converging — the metaphoric epic fantasies of Martin’s “Thrones” and the dysfunctional reality of America’s “cryptocracy,” a government where politicians are mere fronts, pawns, puppets for the ruling Shadow Kingdoms that are building a critical flashpoint from the nuclear core of Forbes World 1,000 Billionaires, including Wall Street’s bank CEOs, private equity, hedge fund managers, their armies of high-paid lobbyists and all other special interests getting richer playing a very brutal “Game of Thrones” in Washington.

Yes, these brutal wars are fought daily for new storehouses of wealth in federal budget decisions, industry regulations, interest-rate adjustments, tax loopholes and waivers, stimulus grants, loan rebates — all with an over-powering impact on America’s GDP, $15 trillion economy and $3.5 trillion budget ... and on your job, your career, your future.

Here are some examples of the Capitalist Shadow Kingdoms in action:


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