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Gary Johnson talking libertarian philosophy on RT yesterday, sounding good.

I did not pay much attention to him during the election, I had already decided not to participate in a fraudulent election. I am not pitching for anyone to vote for hiim in the future, I am still pretty much not interested in participating in fixed elections, it smacks of implied consent to the corruption to me. Anyway, it allows me to listen "for the message" and I think Gary sounds very reasonable - I'm glad he's out there spreading the message. Here is what I'd LOVE to see in the comments... What did he say that you CAN agree with? I'm not asking you to support him, just look for the good... We are really adept at disagreeing, now can we learn to see where we agree?



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2nd video is powerful

He actually got excited!

To many sound bytes in the first video, He really needs to be able to put some filler with substance between those sound bytes. Have a real conversation! But he did have a few good things to say if you can tune that part out.

I am glad he is out there talking.