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New Movie 'Oblivion' - The Most Anti-war Movie To Come About In Years. (Major Spoilers)

The writers and director of this movie should be congratulated for disguising their message behind just enough hollywood glitz and special effects to let it's subversive message make it to the silverscreen without being shut down.

Major spoilers - you have been warned - part of the enjoyment of the movie is discovering this stuff - and not in this order. DO NOT READ THIS before you see the movie.

In order to fully analyze what the movie is conveying - you need a full background of the events leading up to the movie.

An unidentified object is discovered in around a moon of Jupiter and a space mission is sent to investigate. Jack (Tom Cruise) and his co-pilot Victoria are astronauts on the team and are navigating the space ship as it approaches the object, with the rest of the team in hypersleep in the sleep pod. As they approach the object, some sort of tractor beam starts to pull the ship towards the object. Jack and Victoria detach from the sleep pod, which is sent heading back towards earth. Jack and Victoria are taken into the unidentified object. The object is shaped like a tetrahedron and it is referred to as the Tet.

Once captured, the male astronaut Jack is cloned into a massive army as the Tet accelerates towards earth. Once the Tet reaches Earth's orbit, it destroys the moon, sending the Earth's climate and oceans into massive disarray, annihilating much of earths civilization. UFO sends landing parties of thousands of clones of the Male astronaut, Jack Harper - whose memory has been erased and who has been fed some story rationalizing the destruction of the beings left on Earth (whatever this rationalization was is not explained during the movie). He was one of the sharpest and most capable humans and as a clone army equipped with alien technology they quickly destroy the majority of what is left of humanity.

The remaining humans wear disfiguring stealth technology body armor and disguise their voices in order to avoid detection by Alien drones.

The second phase of the alien invasion is to deplete the earth of its energy and resources. Large processing plants are stationed around the major bodies of water and are guarded by large numbers of computer controlled drones. Pairs of the original cloned astronauts are set up in a particular geographical region with the Jack clone acting as a drone technician and repair person and the other female clone as his support staff and communication officer.

Their memories have been wiped and they are given a partly true history of the war. This is the false story they are provided:

They are told that the aliens, called scavengers, destroyed the moon and that there was a large war between the forces of humans and scavengers ultimately won by the humans. Their victory came at a price, however. The humans used nuclear weapons around the world to claim victory, rendering much of the world uninhabitable due to the resulting radiation. The remaining humans retreated to Titan, one of the moons of Jupiter. A human space station, called the Tet, was sent to earth to establish the cleanup crew and monitor the process of returning the earth to an inhabitable form. There are a few pockets of remaining scavengers on the earth however no humans remain except for those in the cleanup crew. One of the duties of the technician is to repair the drones so that they can guard the cleanup processors from the various attacks by the remaining scavengers.

This false story given in addition to a memory wipe which the technician is told is necessary in order to protect humanity. As a result male technician does not know that he is a clone, does not know of the history of the war that produced the environment in which he operates and is unaware that the beings who are called scavengers and regularly killed by himself and by the drones he repairs and operates are human.

In the course of the movie the male astronaut learns that the scavengers are actually human - and the movie portrays his journey as he learns the true nature of the conflict which he is a part of.

If you ever wanted a good story to illustrate some of the moral problems that occur with the method whereby we have employ drone warfare, you could hardly ask for a better allegory.

First - the male tech, Jack, is the metaphor for the American soldier. He is brainwashed, fed a false history which allows him to interpret his actions as just and moral. He has been cloned and expected to operate the same as the next clone. He is expected not to ask questions and to obey orders without hesitation. He and his partner are constantly told to just focus on their specific job at hand - any curiosity about the bigger picture is strongly discouraged.

Next, Jack has been setup to see the scavenger as non-human and alien. This allows him to view their death without remorse. The scavengers represent what ever enemies our soldiers are sent against. Seeing them as alien bent on the destruction of humans, all of their attempts at destroying the processors or himself are seen as acts of aggression rather than defensive.

The drones represent, well drones. They separate jack somewhat from most of the killing of the scavengers. Jack understands that his repair and upkeep of the drones has the direct effect of killing the scavengers. That the programs are actually programmed to kill humans only becomes clear to jack when he is directly present as it carries out its killing on people he knows to be human. This is a metaphor for the drone operators realizing the moral implications of what they are doing only truly when they see the direct human effects of their destruction.

At one key scene when someone comments to Jack that the drones are highly effective weapons he responds by simply stating "No. I am the Weapon." This is the most profound statement of the movie and it's implications carry though all the rest of the points made here.

I really love thoughtful Sci-Fi that forces you to reexamine things that you take for granted in the real world from another perspective. Oblivion does this very well and in a manner that is not heavy handed. Take all your Neocon friends to the movie and see if any of them appreciate these themes. (hint - they will not)

I am sure there are more layers to this. Please add your own in the comments!

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"Oblivion" movie awakens the soul like the Matrix...

Oblivion awakens the soul like the Matrix in terms of its deep symbolism and veiled warning messages, like seeds of gnosis in the minds of those who are receptive.

Emancipate yourselves from mental slavery; none but ourselves can free our minds. - Bob Marley

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A positive review on the antiwar, proliberty movie, Oblivion

“[Oblivion is] a story about a loyal soldier manipulated into fighting an unjust war against primitive people. Expected to follow orders without thinking…

For a film widely dismissed as superficial and meaningless, these are heavy themes. And viewed like this, the parallels between Oblivion’s events and the recent war on Iraq become clear, and are underlined further by the drones themselves, which could be seen as a sci-fi analogue of the contraptions currently roaming the skies in the Middle East and elsewhere.

… if there’s one pertinent message that appears to be buried in Oblivion, it’s that the voices of authority aren’t necessarily as benign and trustworthy as they appear, and that individual thought and investigation are vital means of preserving freedom.

That, for me, is a more thought-provoking sentiment than I'd usually expect to find in an expensive multiplex blockbuster.”

Read more: http://www.denofgeek.com/movies/oblivion/25211/oblivion-a-sp...

You can watch it now on "On Demand", but DVD release is 9/3/13

Emancipate yourselves from mental slavery; none but ourselves can free our minds. - Bob Marley

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I finally got around to seeing this and I agree it was excellent

I especially liked the message...don't trust those who say that we have nothing to fear when it comes to corporate controlled advanced technologies.

Emancipate yourselves from mental slavery; none but ourselves can free our minds. - Bob Marley

I thought

this movie was fantastic. Finally Hollywood does something right.

I loved the simple theme

of someone just wanting to live their life in peace and harmony and with the liberty to choose the natural beauty that exists in the world.
Who wouldn't long to live in that hut with the waterfall and lake and beautiful greenery. What a dream.

I think..

That these movies are nothing but propaganda.

They might have a subtle liberty message but the main point of the movies are to forward their agenda.

The slogan press on has solved and always will solve the problems of the human race. No person was ever honored for what he received. Honor has been the reward for what he gave.

- Calvin Coolidge

Did you see...

...the movie? What particularly was propaganda to you?

yes i saw the movie

and got bored quick.

many movies (including this one) prepare us for some sort of worldwide disaster...

as the movie starts, the disaster has already occurred and there is no way around it.

movie goers usually see this as entertainment but my belief is that it is subconsciously preparing us for something similar.

The symbolism of the Triangle talking to Tom Cruise at the end about "i am your God" ..

From my research, it appears that man is trying to be God or is worshipping something other than God.. or both.

once again, the movie goers sees this as entertainment but from my research there are many hidden meanings within.

The slogan press on has solved and always will solve the problems of the human race. No person was ever honored for what he received. Honor has been the reward for what he gave.

- Calvin Coolidge

The Tet ...

...can be seen as a stand-in for any tyrannical, abusive, deceptive system which would make itself 'God' over us and usurp the authority that rightfully belongs to another. The film leaves it vague by referring to the text of the poem on Horatius:

Then out spoke brave Horatius, the Captain of the Gate:
"To every man upon this earth, death cometh soon or late;
And how can man die better than facing fearful odds,
For the ashes of his fathers, and the temples of his Gods..."

It is not the point of the film to define the true God, but to rather point out that the abusive system is not it; and to celebrate the beauty of the struggle to preserve humanity and life and the Creation in the face of that abusive system.

But fair enough, if it just wasn't your cup of tea. I think I'll have a second cup of it one of these nights. :)

I saw it last weekend...

I hate going to movies anymore...I don't want to send any of my money to Hollywierd! But, my rural town has Sunday matinees for $3, so I figured freakshow Tom Cruise won't be getting much from my wallet...but I'm almost embarassed to write this...I didn't get ANY of the symbolisms and alegories that you all saw! I enjoyed the twist of the clone-thing, I rolled my eyes in disgust at Morgan Freeman being in it, I am a sci-fy enthusiast...I just didn't see the things you all saw in the plot. Perhaps it was my mood that day, I just took it as a face-value story..the fact that even though Jack was a clone with a blank memory, his 'human-ness' couldn't be defeated. At the end credits, I saw that this film was based on a "graphic novel" by so-and-so...sorry, I just don't 'do' comic books.
I did enjoy the story and thought it was well-shot with a good plot twist.

Silence isn't always golden....sometimes it's yellow.

"The liberties of a people never were, nor ever will be, secure, when the transactions of their rulers may be concealed from them." - Patrick Henry

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Don't need to go anymore.

Watch it and nearly any movie, television program, documentary, animation, etc. here at: www.1channel.ch Just read the comments first, find a link, that works, close the advertisement windows that open, and don't download anything even if recommended. Get yourself some popcorn and enjoy.

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your link

doesn't go anywhere

Leave an indelible mark on all of those that you meet.
OH... have fun day :)

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It was down for some reason 2 days ago, working o.k. now.

The sound could be better, but it's not bad.

Does for me.

Not sure what hangup you are having. Maybe your ISP is blocking it? Try through a proxy - go to startpage.com. enter the address as a search term and click the "browse via proxy" link under the relevant result.

Note, doing so may make the video streaming too slow to watch, but it would prove to you that your ISP is blocking some sites.

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Saw it last night also. Wow, anti-war is an understatement.

So is anti-tyranny, the mother of all false-flag operations, and the total reversal of the truth. We have a similar situation going on right now. This movie will not ever be shown to our military. Thanks so much for filling-in the gaps with your great synopsis.

Saw it last night

and I loved it. It was just a well done and beautifully filmed movie with a terrific story. The contrast of the stark desolate landscape and the the high tech stuff - that was just so beautiful was just brilliantly done. It was stunning.

And being shot in Iceland was really cool. The landscape was amazing.

Thanks for posting the video in this thread. That was fun to watch.

Great flick. I put aside the politics of the actors and just enjoyed it.

Ron Paul is My President

I agree with the OP and would take it one further

ONE entity is able to control the entire planet and its resources through trickery, proxies and compartmentalization.

Dangerous message there.

It was pretty decent

It was pretty decent entertainment.

I think the OP is reading into it a bit much, but I can't say his view is wrong by any means. Just if you bring a Neo-con, they might not understand the movie at all.

I watched it, it was enjoyable. It had some odd parts, where a lady falls in love with 2 different clones of her past hubby, but hey - It's hollywierd.


hmm -

Sounds a lot like The Sirens of Titan by Kurt Vonnegut.

my only issue with the movie is the racist morgan freeman.

Otherwise it was decent. No idiots from that have a plan hollywood gun grabbers video in it that I recall. Although I am sure my money went to some statists in hollywood. Something I try not to do is send any of those bottom feeders money.

The drones in the movie are a foreshadowing of what could happen to us. The gov doesn't need an army really when they can have drones. And the whole deception from the "authority figure" I thought was somewhat parallel to the current deception we get from our gov and media. The antagonist could be the Objectification (couldn't find a good antonym of personification) of our gov.

i saw it... it was mehh

The backstory on all the characters was basically non existent. like where is the tet from and why did it leave that place and why does it need water... how did the "scavs" survive so long(like 50 years in a wasteland?) and how did they end up banding together, why was jack and the odessy crew picked for the original scout mission,

they could have cut the movie down to a 30min short if they cut the drone chases scenes

I didn't get the sense that OP did from the movie.

Tools of war are not always obvious. The worst weapon is an idea planted in the mind of man. Prejudices can kill, suspicion can destroy, and a thoughtless, frightened search for a scapegoat has an everlasting fallout all of its own.


...since the main characters have a memory wipe, you wouldn't expect much backstory for much of the movie, as you experience it from their perspective. Also, it keeps a compelling sense of mystery floating about the film to leave some things like the origin of the Tet unexplained. Sometimes overexplaining things can ruin a story. Also, I think even though you don't know a ton of detail about Jack's past, he represents well all of humanity trying to reemerge from being submersed in a fog, like new blades of spring grass showing through as winter thaws. It's like that fragile flower that he found and brought home -- a still tenuous awareness of self, even at the end. This film really had a sense of 'Jupiter' in struggle against 'Saturn', mythically speaking: the passing of 'winter into spring', the joy of goodness and beauty beginning to be restored in the face of death and decay.

Exactly what I was going to say

Character development? They're mind wiped clones. Only "development" they showed was the thousands of Tom cruises in the NatalPods.

"First rule of Government Spending: Why build one when you can have 2 at twice the price?"
-S.R. Hadden

i haven't seen it yet but i want to.

Even though I read your analysis of it I don't think it ruins it personally. The movie came out of nowhere and I was just confused after seeing a couple of the previews for it so I wasn't sure if I wanted to see it or not. I really want to now though.

Homeland security statement: patriotism is now considered terrorism.
I love www.isidewith.com shared it with everyone I know. If anything they realize its not just a red and blue idiot running for reelection.

I liked the movie. I can

I liked the movie. I can usually predict what is going to happen in a movie but this one had me guessing until the very end.

Same here. It was much better

Same here. It was much better than I had expected. I wasn't really looking forward to it at first, but the revelations were truly surprising to me.

I highly recommend it. Much better than your average sci-fi movie.

Slight correction...

...for your most excellent summary: Titan is a moon of Saturn rather than Jupiter. I wonder if the Saturnian element ties in at all with the other symbolism.

Saturn is a an obvious choice if you (I didnt) knew about it


Fits the story in pretty much every cultural/astrological interpretation.



...sure does! :)

It's interesting that the original destination for 2001: Space Odyssey was Saturn as well, but was changed to Jupiter. The imagery of what happens to the astronaut in that case fits better with Saturnian ideas as well.

I liked it!

I found it to be very revealing. The first time I saw the machines pulling up the seawater, I said to my wife,"They are stealing the water!" I never guessed the clone angle. I knew there was a connection between the "alien spacecraft" and his wife. I am going to get it when the price drops to the five dollar bins! These are the types of sci-fi flicks that I watch over and over again!

Yes, I'm a nerd! A very well educated, nerd!

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