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Idea about why Rand endorsed Mitch McConnell

Hey guys, I don't usually post here, I'm more of a reader here at the Daily Paul, but I just had an idea that I had to share. It is in regards to Rand Paul and his endorsement of Mitch McConnell over presumably a more tea party oriented Republican.
I don't know if anyone on here has discussed this idea before but here it goes. I think Rand's endorsement has to do with the Republicans gaining back a majority in the Sneate. If they win back the Senate than McConnell would become the Majority Leader in all likelihood. This would mean that Mitch would have the ability to bring up the bills. Now what was the knock on Ron Paul when he ran for President? That he was an ineffective legislator passing no bills. And what would endear Rand to the Liberty movement that is currently a little wary of him? What about an Audit the Fed Bill that he authored that would fully investigate the Fed? As most of you remember Harry Reid blocked Rand's chance at passing a bill identical to his dad's which passed the House. Now if it comes to a vote in the Senate and passes, it goes to the President. If he signs it Ron and Rand win, and claim victory. If he vetoes, Rand appeals to the anti-Obama Republicans. If a tea-party candidate beats McConnell, and the republicans still take the Senate, than it is likely Graham or McCain would become the new majority leader. This of course would bode terribly as they would never bring up the audit the fed bill, or any of Rand's other bills.
So that's my idea, what do you guys think?

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Its less specific than that.

There are numerous reasons why rand would endorse Mitch. Not least of which Mitch has become a strong supporter and ally in the senate.

This equals:
More Republican acceptance of Rand, and thus of his "radical" views.
More legislative leverage.
Quid Quo Pro- if rand strikes first with paying Mitch favors, he gets to chose on his own terms when and how he does it. This maintains his integrity of principle while leveraging himself to an advantage in the relationship.
McConnell has been of great help to Rand and he is in the strongest position of power of anyone who supports rand or his views. If he's out then some piece of shit neocon will take over the leadership.

MOST IMPORTANTLY. Politics is simple for someone with no integrity. Do what's gets you elected. If Mitch gets elected, expect to see him on the liberty band wagon in earnest. Not because he is all of a sudden convicted, but because that's what will have gotten him there. After that, all rand will need to do is just say the word and his loyal fan base in Kentucky will oust him at their earliest convenience.


Very interesting thoughts.

Very interesting thoughts. I think you might be right about the motivation.

I'm a bit more skeptical though about the potential success of any such tenuous alliance. McConnel fought Rand tooth and nail with Grayson. He is a good old boy for the establishment, and that makes me nervous.

Rmemeber what happens to those that make deals with the devil!

I would rather have more tea party (I.e. non neocon) senators in the senate than the majority.

As a movement we have already proven that we can overcome any perceived majority several times. Case in point is the new anti 2nd amendment rules. We squashed it and the Democrats had the majority. Yet! Establishment Republicans yelled at our representatives for threatening a filibuster.

So, lets focus on removing all the old guard of neocon and fascist principles. Vote them all out!

One reason

Yes, you have one reason.

Another is GOP majority in the state, another is Benton, another is McConnel supported Rand on issues that helped get the Neocon support we need to turn this ship around because they have the majority, they are in power and unless more folks join to replace them, we will have to get them to side with us, rather than the Democrats.

great points!!! plus, if Rand supported a random tea party...

candidate it would be seen as a republican that is trying to destroy its own party. These two guys are partner senators from the same state. a lot of their funds probably come from the same major donors and they can get a lot more by being friends. Ron Paul was seen as a libertarian trying to destroy the republican party which prevented a lot of people from ever opening an ear to him. I think Rand's decision only helps him gain momentum for his 2016 bid. Have you seen the straw polls? PA-38%, TN - 56%, and NH 38%. He is Winnning!!! Then in the 2016 primaries he will tear the house down with arms already swinging!

Good thoughts there

I certainly think Rand Paul most likely has a card up his sleeves on this. Very similar to his endorsement of Mitt Romney. Let's wait and see.

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very important to know who is next in line for leadership, and what they think of Rand. I'm not sure where McCain and Grahm fit into the leadership, but they've got to be way up there after being in the senate so loooooonnng

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Good Thinking...

... I just thought it was another strategy for 2016 but this would definitely make more sense. Bump!

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