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NYT: Anti-Gunners hate GunControl, now that It inconveniences Their NY TV/Film Production

Collectivist Statist GunGrabbers Hypocrisy? Is it Wednesday already?

Film Studios Say New York Gun Law May Ban Props

Bohdan Bushell, a special effects coordinator at J & M Special Effects in Brooklyn, said he was worried that uncertainty over gun laws could drive studios to move out of state. Photo: Todd Heisler/NYT

Published: May 1, 2013

ALBANY — The sweeping gun control measure signed by Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo and hailed by Democratic leaders has a surprising critic: Hollywood.

Officials in the movie and television industry say the new laws could prevent them from using the lifelike assault weapons and high-capacity magazines that they have employed in shows like “Law & Order: Special Victims Unit” and films like “The Dark Knight Rises.”

Twenty-seven pilots, television and feature projects, including programs like “Blue Bloods” and “Person of Interest,” are now in production in New York State using assault weapons and high-capacity magazines, according to the Motion Picture Association of America. Industry workers say that they need to use real weapons for verisimilitude, that it would be impractical to try to manufacture fake weapons that could fire blanks, and that the entertainment industry should not be penalized accidentally by a law intended as a response to mass shootings.

Alex Hollenbach, a fabricator at the Specialists, making a rubber version of a Krinkov rifle.


Packing All the Heat a Movie Could Want
The Specialists, Prop Weapons Supplier to ‘Men in Black 3’

Published: May 17, 2012

DEEP inside a nondescript building in SoHo, a two-story steel vault marked “Fort Knox” holds a huge arsenal of weapons that has armed action heroes and their adversaries, fake armies and feds, and Tony Soprano.

The collection, of more than 5,000 firearms, includes sniper rifles, assault rifles, shotguns, revolvers, pistols, machine guns and even a 15th-century wheel lock, one of the world’s first practical handguns. The deadly decorations hang on the vault’s white walls, and each has, at one time or another, played a role in film or television.

“All these guns are real,” said the arsenal’s owner, Rick Washburn, a former actor whose company, the Specialists, has become an emporium for production weapons on the East Coast. While the guns once fired live ammunition, they have been modified on-site so that they now shoot blanks, if they shoot at all.

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Hollywood needs to wake up.

I don't hold any hopes of it though.


"the entertainment industry should not be penalized accidentally by a law intended as a response to mass shootings."

No no, just everyone ELSE needs to be penalized. We hate guns, we only use them for entertainment purposes...

dinggg donngggg anyone home in that head of yours?

Guns for Me! NONE for Thee!

don't ya hate these control freak bastards?

but the prospect of good karma proffers that I should love my enemies...well...I ain't that enlightened, just yet.D


it's a never ending cycle with these collectivists. I keep hoping (whatever good that is) that one of these days, these pop-culture sycophantic turds will finally wake up to the fact that being occasionally invited to the Hamptons, is not the same thing as OWNING the Hamptons, itself. alas...

oy veh!

Predictions in due Time...

"Let it not be said that no one cared, that no one objected once it's realized that our liberties and wealth are in jeopardy." - Dr. Ronald Ernest Paul

It's crazy talk

I don't even know where to begin my rant on the hypocrisy, so I won't since it's almost bed time and I don't want to get all worked up lol.

Serves them right

I hope they go bankrupt as a result of the gun laws.

They want to surrender their rights but not their TV show.

You know, the TV shows that convince them that the cops will protect them from all those bad guys... with real guns.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

Maybe they should demand a

Maybe they should demand a plan! ;)



LOL man that is funny!

LOL man that is funny!