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How to grow the movement from your apartment without even spending $

Yesterday I was watching a YouTube video about the CIA giving the Afghan President millions of U.S. taxpayer cash. In the comments section I noticed someone had written about thinking our economy had probably hit rock-bottom but the person also mentioned that they had been wrong before. I emailed that person (since YT replies are only like 500 characters) explaining why some economists think things will get much worse. Essentially I gave the person a high-level overview of Peter Schiff's outlook and encouraged the person to watch a few of Peter and Ron Paul's videos. The person seemed very grateful and asked me to continue sending that type of stuff if I wouldn't mind. At that point it occurred to me that if all of us spent just a few minutes a day emailing people who seemed both open-minded and concerned about the state of both our economy and our country that we could help the Ron Paul movement grow exponentially. Just emailing a couple of people out of the blue (similar to cold-calling) could lead more and more people to "wake up" to what's really going on. Of course there's a great likelihood that those people will tell their friends/family. Eventually we will hit "critical mass" in terms of getting these ideas out there. I think it's already happening but it would only require a small investment of time to help push the process along faster. For those of us who did the Ron Paul phone from home program, this would be the YouTube "spread the ideas of liberty" equivalent

What do people think about this approach? Good? Bad? Indifferent?

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As a follow-up to this idea

Twitter is another place we can get the word out. And if we choose the right people, it can be especially effective. I posted some stuff on Jim Carrey's twitter. He's got over 10 million followers. If they read his twitter page, there are plenty of comments from me trying to give our side of the story. Hopefully people will read them and decide for themselves. It's a good way to get info out there though. Even if people aren't swayed by arguments, getting them to read a link or two and even just hearing the opposing argument (possibly for the first time in many cases) seems like a good thing. Maybe if they hear these arguments a couple more times it will start to sink in more.


Every so often I drop bombs in response to liberal YouTube comments like "I thought the only reason foreign goods are so cheap is because foreign countries need our dollar because they not allowed to buy oil in any other currency. I thought petrodollar warfare was why we threw Saddam Hussein out of power See Nixon 1971 & 1973"

Maybe I expect too much. I was a liberal once too you know, and there is nothing that liberals abhor more than Bush era wars.

i think the quickest most effective way to reach people is the explanation of the Petrodollar. i was thinking that maybe right here we could organize a twitter bomb forcing it into mainstream exposure. Once that secret is out the falsehood of the right left paradigm and the corporate media will finally be exposed.


I think privacy is another issue that D's could rally behind

I can't imagine too many people would be happy about government spying. Other issues would be war and sound money (which are very much related).

My youtube channel is the "gift of truth that keeps on giving"

Got something that you think people ought to hear more often? YOU say it. Put it on youtube. You are now one more voice for truth. Go on with your life, do whatever you normally do... but there you are, still telling the truth to anyone who will listen, 24 / 7.
Part of my morning routine is checking for comments, there are usually a several per week, and I have only made one video in several months.
Additionally, if you have a channel set up, then if the "news" ever comes to you "God forbid" you have a venue to post your report to. I have a dream of a nationwide network of freelance video journalists using youtube to end the MSM. It is an incredibly powerful tool, I wish more people would utilize it.

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It's a great idea. What ever

It's a great idea. What ever method people can use to help others is a great idea!

you could also do what socrates did..

Good post kevink! BUMP

Good post kevink!


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