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A Bizarre Reason To Support Immigration Reform

By Chris Rossini

In a free society, all property would be privately owned.

Property owners could freely determine who could “immigrate” onto their property, or stay off of their property. As such, there would be as much “immigration” or “non-immigration” as private property owners voluntarily choose for there to be. There would be no such thing as a “right” to immigrate. Your ability would be determined by the owner of the property.

But alas, we haven’t evolved to such a point yet. Government is all twisted up in who comes and who goes. It attempts (and wishes) to keep track of every single human movement. And unsurprisingly, it does a poor job at whatever it attempts. There are always calls for more reform.

Republican neocon Jennifer Rubin has a list of reasons why people should support Senator Marco Rubio’s Immigration Plan. But one of her reasons really stuck out like a sore thumb:

Bringing 11 million people out of the underground economy into the free market and paying income tax is a positive thing;

Ok…first of all, the “underground economy” is the free market!

When A voluntarily trades with B…and government doesn’t stick its nose into the transaction — that’s known as freedom!

When government comes in to “regulate”, “prohibit”, or “tax” the trade that’s taking place, the free market no longer exists, but has been distorted.

Rubin, being a neocon, is only interested in one thing, and that’s more tax revenues. This is why it’s “a positive thing” in her eyes to collect income taxes from 11 million more people. That equals more tax revenues to fatten the piggybank in order to fight even more unconstitutional wars.

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