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Rand & Ron Paranoid Liars?

Check out this link:


Video Response from RevolutionNewz


Thanks for the link, JohnnyBravo

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Are you mad?

Are you mad, because we are winning the fight right now?

Rand is far from perfect but he is by far the best thing out


And at the risk of uttering blasphemy and committing heresy, I will say he may even be more perfect than Ron Paul, because even though Ron might be the smartest man on the planet, and the perfect political ideologue, he was able to get elected President. So except for our hearts and minds he was unable to change anything.

talk about a low bar


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Hearts and minds

Are no small things to change. :-)

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Good lesson here

L.O. is a tool bag but this does point out the logical failure of current politics. If you support someone as your leader then their words will be associated with your promotion of them. What if they fail you? If you are your own leader and your only political intent is to know and uphold the rule of law you are immune to this.

Ron doesn't look bad because he is correctin his overall assessment and his wisdom shines through. Voluntary cooperation may have been officially sought but I know how insane storm trooper cops operate and Ron does too. I also know that "voluntary cooperation" was also sought in NAZI Germany when 1000's of people were asked to gather their belongings and get on the train to relocate to a "safer" area. I am sure that Ron is well aware of this history as well and its repugnancy to our form of law.

Rand looks like a damn fool but it seems clear that he will play the politics and he knows that the it really doesn't matter for most of the majority because of their 5 minute attention span.

It seems that most people do not fully realize the danger we are in. Can't everyone see the patterns of "law enforcement" leading up to scenarios like NAZI Germany? All the tools and facilities are in place, the training has been done, the never ended terrorist psyop and conditioning of populace in to more and more compromising "standard" procedures, population stress testing with special ops urban training, militarized "police", papers to move around, entire cities on lockdown and just how "every thing Hitler did was 'legal'" America now has codes in place for indefinite imprisonment and even political assassination and all the camps to go along with it.

These dangers seem to be disregarded as paranoia by the MSM. Prudence in ensuring the protection of law is not paranoia.

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Rand definitely back-peddled

Rand definitely back-peddled on his anti-drone comments. The fact that he doesn't care if a police man or drone kills a man for robbing a liquor store is horrifying.


What he said is that use of force could be justified IF that person were an imminent threat to others (coming out the door waving a pistol). He was not advocating using a drone over due process of law.

I'm not a conspiracy theorist, I'm just well-informed


One of those details that nobody seemed to focus on.

Also, when Rand did the filibuster and Holder sent Rand the memo - Holder basically said that they wouldnt assassinate any americans unless they posed a national security threat (which is pretty much where the discussion started)....Rand said he was satisfied with the Holder clarification.


Let me get this straight. They want to get rid of our guns. Control the Internet. They Want to fly drones in our own back yard. They Need to pat down American Citizens at Air ports. They want to tap all the phones & control free speech. It seems to me that our own Government are really the paranoid ones.

i propose a stop to the baiting with titles

We all know how bad the msm is so let's not use their tactics on our own please.

Homeland security statement: patriotism is now considered terrorism.
I love www.isidewith.com shared it with everyone I know. If anything they realize its not just a red and blue idiot running for reelection.

a stop to the baiting with titles

Sorry but agree on that, First thought was, How dare you...Gives the wrong impression. Don't like Ron's name used like that. Maybe that's why there are so many down votes.


Lawrence O'Donnell has no interest in truth telling

He is not dumb. He is not misguided. He is a vile, snake tongued elitist who despises the common man. He is deliberately lying to his audience and has such little respect for their intelligence that he puts minimal effort into hiding his manipulation. You can't argue with him, you can't reason with him, you can't reform him. All you can do is use him as an example and warning to others about the wretched people that have found influence in our society that they despise.

Whutta Douche

Whutta Douche

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We need to see what the

We need to see what the enemies of liberty have to say about our side. This guy is smart, he's good with twisting words and messages, and he has a very clear goal. His goal is to attack the LIBERTY MOVEMENT. He wants to try to de-fang the beast that is "Liberty". He knows what he is saying is twisting the meaning of what both Dr. Paul and Dr. Paul have said. Words are funny things and if you want to take one word like "tank" and claim it can only be an M1 Abrams vehicle and not a Bradly, then you will fool some of the non-thinking average joes (and janes) listening to his show.

We need to see this so that we know how to counter this dis-info when addressing those same joes and janes in the street.

Beware the cult of "government"...

Hopefully it will compel DP members to counter outside of DP

Like sharing the Youtube video(s) of a couple commenters to this post in the FB and Twitter community.

well done

hope he sees it


He is calling some one a liar by lying lol. ? wow

It appears to be the way

I'm seeing a lot of the calling the other a liar by lying. In this case, I think the host knows he's going down, so he picked popular people because that helps his ratungs go up when the fans of the popular people respond to him, making his ratings go up, and in the end of the day, he's just doing what he feels he has to do to eat.

Real shame.

Lawrence O'Donnell has the lowest ratings of the Lame stream

i am guessing that 75% views for this video will be Ron Paul supporters laughing on how this guy is such an idiot.

Remember he is taunting us for Ratings.(fact)

Omfg *sigh*

"There were no tanks in Boston." And then they show a picture of a FUCKING BRADLEY compared to an MRAP (whatever that POS was). All because the MRAP in that picture didn't have any mounted weapons attached. O'dumbass goes on to say, "It's as scary as a vehicle that carries cash." hahahahahaha! My God can someone pass the truth-blunt to this guy?

"Look at the TIRES on this police vehicle. Now look at the TIRES on this TANK." Dumbass has never seen a Stryker = all wheeled personnel vehicle that are suppose to withstand IED's (EFP's). Those have wheels, too, ignoramus.

"No one was thrown out of their homes by police." That's just a blatant lie: http://www.infowars.com/video-this-is-what-a-police-state-lo...

I'm putting Lawerence O'Donnell up there with Bill O: blatant lies and cherry picking arguments.

Another MSM shill, sucking on the teet of tyranny.

Fu** you, traitor.

If you don't know your rights, you don't have any.

Who posts this crap?

I refuse to waste my time on such a crappy headline.

"A vote for the lesser of two evils is a vote to keep things the same", Buckminster Fuller..
A choice for liberty is always a choice for liberty.

That is just ignorant

The media bootlicker said it, the OP brought it here so we would be aware of what our enemies are saying. As I said below, if you refuse to see what a post is actually about, don't comment and make your willful ignorance a matter of public record.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.


like paying federal income taxes is "voluntary". So how do you think it would go for you if you were out driving around that day in Boston, just because you could if you wanted to?

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Just an

attempt by a guy with no ratings to drive a stake through our liberty movement. Same thing madcow does.

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the title of this post should be...

"Beyond 1984..."

"asking people to shelter in place" is like when a cop "asks" you to step out of the car... their "ask" = "order"
"recommendation" = "we recommend you follow this 'request' or else you will be arrested and forced to comply."

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I'm sorry I'm not going to

I'm sorry I'm not going to read this. It is a harsh accusation with no rationale in your post. I agree with genuine even harsh criticism but this just stands out as hate mongering.

Either don't click, or don't comment

but you clicked the thread, then you commented, and you made yourself look pretty silly. It is not the OP saying it, he is quoting the media moron.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

it's a video...

you should watch it.. it's about a reporter calling them liars..

I use Blue Wave, but don't expect one of THEIR silly taglines.

paranoid liars.

Never hurts to know the opposition's attack line.

The video is why I have commented that Rand should stay away from AJ and be more careful of what he says. And retract the comment about killing someone with a drone coming out of a liquor store.