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Would you consider this article "proof" of nuclear fission in lower Manhattan on 911?

I am careful to "ask" for your opinion here. I dont pretend to know enough about science to claim this article is accurate or if it constitutes the proof the authors claim. I do know that to me it is compelling to what i am able to understand.

The general thesis is as follows:

September 11th, 2001, was the first nuclear event within a major United States city that we have incontrovertible proof for and this is without question the most closely held secret surrounding the events of September 11th, 2001.


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People smarter than me have figured this out.

I yield to the REAL experts and accept their findings.

They are much more exhaustive and complete vs. the vague uncertainties the "government" expects us to swallow!

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9/11 Truth.

Will check it out, but

be aware of this:
I take everything at Veteran's Today with several grains of salt.

OK, that is what I thought. I think it is a possibility. I think someone ought to do an investigation.

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Will read later.

Will read later.

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More Cancers than Expected in WTC Responders


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