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While you were sleeping


well not really sleeping but while we were busy watching our civil liberties vanish ...

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This is where

it gets really dicey:

'The Federal Reserve held fast to its ultra-accommodative monetary policy Wednesday, solidified by what board members described as an economy weakened by fiscal policy."

If the economy is being weakened by fiscal policy (which isn't a good thing) why is the Central Bank continuing to pump 85 billion a month to buy bad paper and keep interest rates at near 0?

The Fed wants to make the economy weaker? Get your money out of banks, folks. Cyprus was the beginning, and the people didn't even object as far as I know.

Boy if that isn't a

Boy if that isn't a contradicting statement.

Southern Agrarian

We're sleeping through some of that "transactional sex."

Damn global warming.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.