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Stansfield New Canon Bible and Commentaries

Bible scholarship is a bit more than a hobby for me and I was doing some musing about Rivers of Living Water and the book of Enoch and the book of Jude which led me to a search of the internet.

I read the KJV most of the time as my bible, but also have read the Greek versions and sometimes I like some alternate translations like Young's, or Weymouth, the Amplified, or even the Vulgate sometimes to get me some more perspective. I dont read Hebrew but I can read Strong's and Vine's. I can read Greek it's easy enough for English readers to pick it up.

Anyway I ran across this very new alternative translation by some guy Michael Stansfield and I find it interesting. It is a radical departure from the accepted canon and I dont recommend it for newbies and babies. But it is very interesting what he has done and I dont find it to be heretical or blasphemous.

I dont know who this guy Stansfield is but he also has some interesting insights on government and the constitution.

Does any body here know anything about this guy?

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Nick Danger? :)

I checked out the website...very interesting. I plan to download a copy.

Electable Ron Paul is my hero.