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Ron Paul MP3 Download Depot Sweet!

Check out all the great MP3s you can download here:


I've assembled about 45 minutes of stuff to copy to CDs along with a Texas Straight Talk on each of 40 subjects, and a couple songs.

I only use about 1/10th of the disc space but that just means I can copy one every 3 minutes instead of every 15 or 20 if the disc was full.

I enjoyed sending the discs out during the campaign to each of my Amazon customers. DIdn't even mind the negative feedbacks I got from a few folks. The main difference between then and now is now I get to send them out just for fun!

Oh, and did I mention that the CDs are cheap to free? Between the coupons and the rebates, the tools necessary for the information war are handed to us as a stack of silver platters. Rewritable, even!