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Kidnapped California Baby

Is there any way to find out who the officers were who kidnapped Sammy Nikolayev? These pigs need to be held accountable for there crimes! Even if they don't go to jail (life in prison in Cali for Aggravated Kidnapping) they need to loose their jobs for participating, and even if they don't loose their jobs, they need to be exposed publicly! We need to stop showing quarter to loyalists!

The Hospital that called CPS was Sutter Memorial Hospital, Sacramento California, (916) 733-1038, Extension: 31038. They need to be exposed too!

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There is plague of this happening across the US

I don't think most Americans realize how much of this is going on. The CPS preys off of ignorant people and actually gets paid with Federal money to take the kids. Their is a whole underworld here that is not seeing the light of day. CPS or equivalents in states need to be shut down. I have known some of the CPS workers through friends of friends and they were major control freak psychos.

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From what I understand

the new baby was taken away for months. I can't imagine what this has done to the parents psychologically. No punishment is too great for these criminally stupid doctors/cps agents/police. I think heads should roll.

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Sacramento baby taken by CPS

Sacramento baby taken by CPS returned to parents

A judge has since returned custody to the parents.

Sammy is expected to go home with mom and dad after he undergoes an evaluation at Lucile Packard Children's Hospital at Stanford.

I just called them - no

I just called them - no answer but I will call them tomorrow.

Thanks for posting.