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Infowars Nightly News Interviews Man Who Attacked Dan Bidondi

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That guy is mentally

That guy is mentally retarded, too much drug use.

I kept getting video

I kept getting video unavailable so I found another upload of it here:


This idiot needs a good motivational seminar out behind the woodshed is all I can say. I could not listen to the whole thing. Thank god for free speech so we know who all the idiots are!

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Hahahaha What a great way to start my day

For someone so "self aware" Roger Nicholson sure seems to be unaware of what a complete a**hole he is. Being truly self aware means you know what you are projecting to the world, and the only thing being projected here is verbal diarrhea.

Roger's Cognitive Dissonance is rock solid. Great example of how a person justifies their beliefs no matter how much evidence is put right in front of their face to the contrary. Quite fascinating.

"We are not human beings having a spiritual experience; we are spiritual beings having a human experience"—Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

Twitter responses

Collection of twitter responses to this agent provocateur.

@RogNicholson This aberration adores George Bush CIA murders in Central America....El Salvador, Panama, Nicaragua, Honduras & more.
@RogNicholson This devil worshiper strongly wishes Napoleon attacked & imprisoned Thomas Jefferson.
@RogNicholson This sickness is an offspring of unholy union between Aleister Crowley & Ariel Sharon.
@RogNicholson This doucheface wanks off secretly to pictures of King George III. He wishes George III still ruled the colonies.
@RogNicholson This degenerate firmly believes Samuel Adams & James Madison were terrorists.
@RogNicholson This lowlife wants babies forcibly snatched from maternity wards, sent off for irradiation & national ID stamping.
@RogNicholson This ugly punk-head loves licking boots of US taxpayer funded dictators Musharraf & Karzai.
@RogNicholson This buffoon is still upset Alexander Hamilton was killed & unable to impose taxation at rate of 100% on American serfs.
@RogNicholson This patriot believes My Lai civilian massacres in Vietnam & Hiroshima/Nagasaki were biggest American crowning glories.
@RogNicholson This pisser is very happy Monsanto poisoned Vietnamese civilians with Agent Orange. USA!!! USA!!! Proud Patriot.
@RogNicholson This wankjob thanks Zbigniew Brzezinski for having sucked off US taxpayer money for founding Taleban.
@RogNicholson This filth is a devotee of mass murderer & war criminal Henry Kissinger. And Mussolini too.
@RogNicholson This pisshead thanks Abraham Lincoln for suspending Habeas Corpus & single largest mass execution in US history (of Dakotas).
@RogNicholson This abomination jerks off to memories of Woodrow Wilson, for signing away America's financial sovereignty to Bank of England.
@RogNicholson This cokehead worships Andrew Jackson for inspiring future fascists in Turkey & Nazi Germany, through Trail of Tears.
@RogNicholson This scumbag supports Japanese American concentration camps of General Dewitt & Milton Eisenhower & very proud of it.
@RogNicholson This shithead counts fascist murdering scum like FDR and Lyndon Johnson among his heroes. Must be a Stalin worshiper.

Immoral funding of Military Industrial Complex by Federal Reserve and US taxation system must stop!!!! End illegal/unconstitutional wars! Preserve US currency!

LOL what a jerk

The guy can't argue a single point. He's one giant ad-hominem attack. That's all he does. Besides that I think he might be slightly retarded. His brain is a bit addled and he can't make a coherent argument.

Is this the people who frequent Huff and Puff post?

1st Amendment @ work... while the Country gets divided...

Infowars News Reporter Dan Bidondi, gets trapped by some nobody off the streets who can only use 4th grade language to try to enrage Dan from doing what He went to do... report and ask what NOBODY ELSE IS WILLING TO ASK!!!! so attack the messenger... Right??
Great Job Dan Bidondi keep up the good reporting we need more that are willing to stand in the face of these thugs.

Roger Nicholson

Was torn apart by Rob Dew!

Roger Nicholson

is the result of Satan ejaculating...

He is Devil spawn.

Infowars plant

Alex is running a false flag with this guy. He's really an Infowars supporter and out of work actor, being used to get the message into the liberal media like HuffPo,


omg you're right. obv a false

omg you're right. obv a false flag.

Welp, I guess I should have

Welp, I guess I should have held up my sarcasm sign.

Lol that's actually kinda funny


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Devil spawn

Devil spawn