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Josh Tolley - "old school" Investigative journalism - VA Hospital-The Value of a Life vs Regulation


Josh finds a VA hospital, unable to treat its patients, restricted, from their best of its ability, disqualifying treatment due to, in "SOME"(lets focus on what we know) cases, questionable severity.

Josh reports the consequences, in one particular case, a broken jaw untreated for a month, now reports of infection
Josh has asked listeners who have had similar experiences, to use his show as their platform to, well, have their voices heard, if they want to.......

Josh on his youtube channel:
"Yes, we are working on it. Since this was posted early today we have had dozens of these stories and are compiling the list now. It is far worse than even what we thought.The hurdle right now is that some of the vets are shy to talk because they know they have to go back to these facilities so they don't want to give a report that is less than wonderful."

DISCLAIMER: JOSH REPORTS THAT THERE ARE THOSE WHO WORK IN THE VA, THAT ARE JUST AS FRUSTRATED WITH THEIR HANDS BEING TIED, WHETHER THIS BE TRUE OR NOT, LETS REMEMBER, YOU CANT TREAT A SYMPTOM, AND EXPECT THE ROOT TO GO AWAY. Blame, where blame is due, and blame, for the sake of IDENTIFYING the problem and then doing our best to fix it, as opposed to the general ignoring of them, not for playing into peoples fears, like some do with terrorism, do you see the correlation