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The Declaration of Independence: The British Point of View

Interesting to get the other side's perspective.

...Bold as we Americans might view our Declaration, to the British it was one "great annoyance," says British-born Tim Pickles, a historical consultant at the History Channel. This, and a wanton display of ingratitude towards the very empire that had recently vanquished the French and Indians during that eponymous war (also known as the Seven Years' War), a struggle that left the British deeply in debt. Not only did we in the colonies refuse to help the Brits pay down their debt through taxes on items such as tea, we then had the audacity to declare that we were "dissolving the political bands" that united us to our great protector and to go on to list our many grievances against the very King who had long "protected" us.

Says Mr. Pickles: "I think it fair to say that the British and Loyalist reaction to the Declaration of Independence was a great annoyance at the self- serving ingratitude that lead Englishmen who had been happy to have the troops of the mother country sweep the threat of the French from the continent and keep troops on hand to protect the colonies from the possibilities of French or Spanish invasion, who nevertheless were unwilling to join the militia to protect themselves and balked at increased taxes to help pay for the protection which benefited them. This tough taxation in the colonies was half that in England."


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who had long "protected" us

or rather who had long "protected" his interests (virgin territory to be worked by the common folk for profit).

Britain was a mess - bad management by the royalty - guess the colonists didn't want a repeat. At least they had some foresight.

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