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Athens police stop food handout by Greek far right

Riot police used tear gas to prevent activists distributing food from a lorry on Syntagma Square, where the country's parliament is located.

Golden Dawn, once a fringe movement, is now Greece's fifth-biggest party. Golden Dawn reportedly managed to hand out some food before police moved in, and it later continued the distribution elsewhere in the city.

Mayor Kaminis said Thursday's police action was a "victory for the democratic state". "Thuggery will not prevail in this city as long as I am mayor," he was quoted as saying by the Greek newspaper Kathimerini.


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Far Right?

I always thought National SOCIALISTS were mislabeled in that way.

Depends on who you ask

People who identify with the left/right paradigm will almost always paint Nazis as being on the opposite 'wing' they're on.

Same thing with people calling Alex Jones a right-wing extremist. When Dubya was in office, he was called a left-wing extremist for saying more or less the same stuff.

Even now, 'liberal' folks I know who were anti-war when Dubya was in office now believe that being anti-war is being "a right-wing nut". Funny how they didn't think so from 2003-2008.

Give it another decade, and Americans will be too lazy, dependent, scared, and stupid to even so much as breathe without government assistance.

A signature used to be here!

That's right! Feeding the poor is fascist behavior.

"That's right! Feeding the poor is fascist behavior. Send in the police to beat the food pantry people senseless and lock em up behind barbed wire -- for democracy!"

Golden Dawn is a bizarro political cult with deliberate fascist/Nazi overtones. And feeding the hungry via party activists is a classic method of building a foundation of support. The Nazis did it. Hezbollah still does it. And the people love em for it.

But that's because the government's policies are failing and making starvation a reality, just like in Weimar Germany and civil war Lebanon. Golden Dawn is both a consequence and benefactor of the criminal enterprise running Greece into the ground.

"Cowards & idiots can come along for the ride but they gotta sit in the back seat!"