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Alex Jones goes mainstream in Boise

This may be old news, I just don't listen to radio much more than I watch TV. Occasionally, I will turn it on when I drive, but I don't drive much any more either. Last night, my husband had car trouble so I went to pick him up. Whoever drove my truck last left the radio on, tuned to a very popular talk radio AM station. As I started the engine, a familiar jingle rang out of my radio.... I could not quite place it...
Friggin' Alex Jones, Infowars. Prime time evening slot on one of Idaho's most popular talk radio stations.
I feel a little like Rip Van Winkle... How long was that nap, anyway?

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I'm also in Boise. Can't

I'm also in Boise. Can't remember when that started. I think it was some time near Feb.

Jason Robinson
Republican Liberty Caucus of Idaho


'bigsurjune' spontaneously combusted.

I Believe

that the Mayan calendar ending on the Dec. Solstice 2012 was intended to mean that there would be a new age beginning. The planets aligned in such a way that the Earth is now going through a photon belt that raises awareness in the brains of humans. I was told this would cause a great awakening on a large scale after Dec 2012. I set back to see if it would happen and it appears that it is. Even my neo-con elderly O'Reilly loving dad is starting to see the light. AJ is becoming known now faster than ever before. He is a pain sometimes but at least he gets people thinking and LOOKING!



Mr. Jones!


Do you mean Rip Van Winkel or are you in the habit of taking people's first borns as payment for work =D

I got 3 in college and 1 in hs

Forget about the firstborn. What do you have to trade for all?

Any gold??

Hahaha! Got me!

I'll go fix that, thanks!

Love or fear? Chose again with every breath.

Let Freedom Ring!!!

Idaho? who would of thought... novel idea indeed...