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Music From The Ron Paul rEVOLution

"If you ever can bring about revolutionary changes two things would be required: young people... and music."

-Ron Paul

"Socks first, then shoes."


Every day the sun comes up in the east, moves across the sky, and sets in the west with an unspoken promise to return the next day, and that's fine, I suppose. Scheduling your sleeping period for when it happens to be dark out is a perfectly logical decision that is constantly reinforced. Throughout the course of a year our predictable sun and the weather patterns it energizes inform us to plant in the spring and reap in the fall. And the unavoidable cold of winter allows the fashion industry to start production of coats and mittens in June with very few risks (outside the risks inherent in attempting to reintroduce the polkadot.)

In fact, most people would be hard-pressed to come up with an example of how predictability might negatively impact their life. Timing the change of a traffic light and knowing who to avoid at work on Monday morning are just two of thousands of examples one might give to defend predictability and the many ways it serves us. Being labeled as unpredictable can be a social stigma or a cause for being fired from a job. But isn't being unpredictable something that only a free person can do? Why is freedom a virtue but unpredictability a vice?

Politics is not a natural system like the changing of the seasons, but it pretends to be. The two-year local and four-year national political 'seasons' have a comforting ebb and flow to them, which makes it very easy to ridicule anyone who gets too excited about politics in the off-season. Like a migratory bird a politician knows when it is time to run and when it is time to hide, and anyone who doesn't conform to this pattern of behavior will be perceived as a threat to the system, and rightly so.

I say it is time to embrace unpredictability. Hypnotic trances are brought about by repetitive words and movements, and it is easy enough to see that almost everyone is in a trance because it is easier to sleep than to wake up. Or at least it seems that way up until it isn't anymore.

My personal contribution to our nations well-being is the unpredictability I can present in whatever situation I find myself. Ice cream tastes better to me when it is cold outside, sleeping all day and waking up at night makes sense if you like it when it's quiet, and being politically active during odd-numbered years serves as a reminder to the politicians that just because the race is run doesn't mean they can kick back and put their feet up.

This notion of unpredictability as a political tool is a large part of the reason why I like Ron's quote about revolutions so much. Revolutions are generally led by young people who haven't yet been beaten into submission to the patterns and forms that others would have them live by. And music is at its best when it surprises us. A powerful song can be the catalyst that sets ideas into motion - dangerous, revolutionary ideas. Unpredictable ideas the system would much rather avoid.

If not for chaos form would be meaningless. Musical structure is called a theory because within just a few forms all things are still possible. Youth tends to desire freedom and will only conform as is necessary for survival and social approval. No greater threat to the system exists, than the freedom-seeking tendancy of youth and the infinite possibilities by music.

Wear a scarf in summertime. Cheer for your team in the off-season. Pay attention to politics even after the TV tells you the show is over, your guy won, we'll take it from here, thank you. They're not just predicting that most people will go back to sleep after an election, they're planning on it.

Don't ever let them not hear you singing your youthful song. It might keep them up at night, and that's a good thing.

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Aimee Allen's "Ron Paul"


Aimee Allen's "Ron Paul" captured the spirit of the 2008 campaign. The youthful energy and excitement. I had the chance to meet Aimee at the Troops support Ron Paul rally in DC and I bought her CD. I really only bought it because I wanted to show her support for what she did but when I got it in my car and started to listen to her other music I have to say I gained a spiritual bond with her. After listening to her music over and over and the message she transmits with her songs I really believe that she's a "Christian Anarchist" like me. My belief system is that Christ loves us all and saves us all (even those who don't yet realize it). I don't believe in a literal hell other than maybe for Satan and his angels. I believe that LOVE is the answer and I really feel that is Aimee's message...

Beware the cult of "government"...

Sonmi 541: "Truth is singular. Its "versions" are mistruths."

where'd the original songs go?

There was a bunch of them.

Chris Indeedski!

Daily Paul cured my abibliophobia.

There are a ton of metal

There are a ton of metal bands that support Ron Paul and his message.
Many of them wrote songs in order to promote his message of liberty and peace.

Check out these awesome songs!

Shohadaku - Revolution 2012 (song about the r3volution. Lyrics included in video description)

Shohadaku - Invictus (song about war)

Masokist - Nuclear Retaliation (song about the horrors of preemptive war and people's complacent attitudes towards killing innocents. Lyrics included in video)

Molotov Solution - Intro + Corporatracy (song about federal reserve, fascism, and fallacies of democracy)

Molotov Solution - Prison Planet (title is self-explanatory)

Great links.


Chris Indeedski!

Daily Paul cured my abibliophobia.

thanks, man. I'll see if I

thanks, man. I'll see if I can find more and post a thread about metal and the message of liberty.

P.S. I just remembered my point...

My point in all this rambling is that during the election 'season' I liked to send out cd-roms of Ron Paul speaking to my Amazon customers. I decided to do that again, except with songs about Ron Paul instead of just his words. I came across a bunch of the songs on this website: http://mp3truck.com/the-ron-paul-story-mp3-download.html
and arranged 13 songs into an album of sorts which I will be sending out starting this week. Maybe people will actually listen closely to the message since it sure as heck isn't about some dumb election anymore. It's about a lot more than that...

Chris Indeedski!

Daily Paul cured my abibliophobia.

O-o-o-o-h, songs about Ro-o-o-o-n! I-i-i seee...


I saw a glint of gold on a well wind worn road
I saw a twisted back bent beneath a heavy load
Throw all your diamonds away, they won't mean a thing
When the angels lift our eyelids in the morning

Tonight might be the worst for the freezing birds
Waiting for the sun to come and warm the icy earth
They'll take their weary heads out from underneath their wings
When the angels lift our eyelids in the morning

The hunchbacks in their lonely towers
Toll the bells at the witches hours
And watch orange eyes ablaze
Vanish into the alleyways

When the bottoms of the clouds all start turning red
There's a bird upon the branch swaying wildly in my head
Just waiting for the sun and for another chance to sing
When the angels lift our eyelids in the morning...