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VIDEO #3 : Undercover Investigation of Late Term Abortion Clinics In Arizona...Developing

VIDEO #3 : Undercover Investigation of Late Term Abortion Clinics In Arizona...Developing



undercover in america’s
late-term abortion industry

Live Action went undercover to expose the reality
of what happens to a baby born alive after
an abortion. Live Action’s 24-week pregnant
investigator checked in to Family Planning Associates
Medical Group for the first appointment
of a two-day late-term abortion. She
told the clinic she was unsure about how old
her baby was but thought she was “about 20
or 21 weeks.” During the appointment, our investigator
met with Dr. Mercer; Dr. Taylor; an
ultrasound tech, “Val”; and “Linda,” the counselor

Read Full Report: http://ccb36d22da576671ae77-0c9cfeae658d496c507e798db67b1ef3...

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Planned Parenthood is all about Eugenics

plain and simple. They want less people and this is one step in the process. But, we are being culled from multiple directions. Chemically, socially, and medically are just a few of the ways. I for one want to help my family side step this addenda if we can.

My question is...

Why didn't Barak's mother have him aborted?

These baby killers are so zealous about murdering defenseless babies in a brutal way.

Another question: Why can't we legalize late, late, late term abortions for the pro-abortion, baby killers?

You don't like life? Fine. It's over. You're outta' here.

Eventually abortion would be illegal.

I mean if you have to KILL it -- It's a living human being protected by the same laws as anyone else.

Why don't the abortion clinics just take out uteruses so we don't have to legalize killing babies?

Genocide, also may be occurring.

I was amazed at what the founders of, what eventually became, Planned Parenthood! It was genocide those people had on their minds! They were in agreement that elimination of the "feeble-minded" would perfect our society. That included the poor who could not earn enough money because they were "brain damaged?" and could not contribute to society. Blacks were first on the list, followed closely by the destitute people of all races in society. It was all started as a genocide. I also think I read somewhere that the abortions that occur are, for the majority, black!


That "doctor" and the other staff will have a lot to answer for when they stand before God at the Great White Throne Judgement! I wish abortion was outlawed 100%. The government should never support evil.

In a utopia!

Sad thing is, many people have no problem with it. If the abortion is going to be happening in back rooms, with no medical supervision, we will return to the stone ages. I wish it would become a situation where no abortions would be needed. (Utopia?) I see prohibition of it just like all others. The alternative is awful. I lived in a town where a doctor's daughter died from a botched abortion in the fifties! Unintended consequences are more damaging than therapeutic situations. I never performed or assisted in one. I could not. But, getting rid of them, 100% is a pipe dream. All we can do is give the young girls the information they need to prevent unintended pregnancies. Abstinence is good advice. But, they need to know about birth control, before they end up pregnant, terrified, not knowing what to do! Parents should be responsible, and know that their children have a free will and may need to be protected from themselves. They see themselves as invincible!

It would, also, be good to let women know that the majority of people do not think abortion should be a form of birth control. We also have to deal with the pregnancies that result from incest, rape, or are a threat to the mother's life. We also must consider what is the right thing to do in these cases.

It is a great wish! I, just, don't have enough confidence of the human condition that it would ever be a reality.

fireant's picture

We just lay them aside and let them die.

That we can stand by watching the least, most defenseless among us perish while struggling for life, and do nothing, is a sure sign that we have lost our sense of time and space. May God have mercy upon us.

Undo what Wilson did

Hasn't this always been the plan of TPTB?

What better way to cull the population of lower-productivity slaves than to convince them to kill their OWN offspring?

TPTB tries to convince people it means they are "free" by equating "freedom" with killing one's own genetic line.

It saves TPTB a lot of effort.


I read or saw something that showed Margaret Sanger was associated with others that promoted elimination of the "feeble-minded" and looked a lot like genocidal decisions, to me!

Worse than that.

She flat out wrote that the purpose of her organization Planned Parenthood was to reduce "dysgenic stocks" of "negroes and Jews".

It is totally eugenics. She even went over to Germany in the 1930s to study under NAZI eugenicists and wrote about it.

They want us to believe it's "freedom". Sure it's "freedom" to do their NWO's job for them, to kill onesself and ones own family so they don't have to!