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Is this where it unravels? Police and FBI clash over number of cars Boston suspects drove


State and local police are investigating a second car used in a shootout between police and the Boston bombing suspects, which is at odds with the official FBI account of the chase.

The FBI, in its court affidavit, makes no mention of a second car, while local police investigate how the same car they believe was used in the killing of MIT police officer Sean Collier wound up at the shootout scene in Watertown.... ARTICLE AT: http://digitaljournal.com/article/349280

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The entrire story

from the victims to the bombers is nothing but bullshit created under a conspiratorial directive of national security.

Can't wait to see how, if they do, explain this one.

I'm afraid it won't matter though. Sure, we see through it all but the majority of America & Govt. are wearing blinders and only see bad guys caught. USA USA USA!!!

By they way, has there been anything on a back pack comparison - the photo they're using to claim the younger brother dropped his back pack on the sidewalk doesn't match the one he was carrying. Has anyone seen any video?

"When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know Peace." - Jimi Hendrix

There is a rumor going around amongst Jahar's friends.

They are saying and swearing Tamerlan's wife was at the marathon and in the crowd. then the rumor gets spun to saying how she was a CIA operaitve...you know how it goes.

There is no way you can tell who the person is. The only similarities I see is the woman has a low left part like Kate Tsaranaev and she is wearing faded black leggings like Kate Tsarnaev has been seen in recent pics of her walking. She wears faded black leggings under a long skirt, she wears faded black leggings under her coat...

I don't know if there are anymore photos of this woman in the crowd shots. (Recall this man's story about what happened to him after bombing: http://willyloman.wordpress.com/2013/04/29/boston-bombing-vi...)

Woman on left in bright pink hoodie and faded black leggings in lower left corner: http://i.imgur.com/1Fwb2jdh.jpg

Thanks Ralph - there were some interesting

comments about new camera & phone technology, for our security of course.

"When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know Peace." - Jimi Hendrix

I thought I heard 'carjacked Danny' tell another version of the


"The man told CBS's John Miller that he escaped while the older brother Tamerlan was pumping gas and the younger brother had gone into the store for snacks."

I heard him say on another interview he escaped when Tamerlan was sitting next to him. Tamerlan put the gun in the side pocket and he was fiddling with the GPS and he escaped and could feel Tamerlan grab at him.


You're right - there was a story about 'cash only' so the

younger brother had to go in and pay while the older brother played with the GPS.

"When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know Peace." - Jimi Hendrix

It won't unravel.

Reality has become so sickening that people simply cannot process it. Those of us who would never do anything so vicious, so cruel, so inhuman, our kind hearts are our weak spot. We cannot believe in conspiracies among people who murder for profit, exploit others for entertainment, who treat life with disdain. We can, in small doses, believe they are real, but the big picture is pretty big, and ugly, and it's got fangs and teeth and bad breath. Very few of us can believe that people like US would let people like THEM hold the reins of power. But then... Who else would hold them? Will humble, kind hearted people ever win an ELECTION?
Most of us keep at least a portion of the lie wrapped around our eyes, just enough to blind us to our complicity.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

That was extremely profound and right on mark Fishy!

Your comment is so true and therefore, inspiring! That's why we, the very goodhearted exist...it is the balance of natural law...we will get our turn.

"Liberty tastes sweetest to those who fight for it, and most bitter to those who work to deny it!"


Fishy, I wish you were 25.

I would marry you.

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no jumping to the front

of the line
to the back with yeh :)

If we deny truth before your very eyes,then the rest of what we have to say,is of little consequence

You guys are too cute.

I'm 51 - 25 1/2 years for each of you... lol!

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

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reminds me of what say to the wife about trading her off for
2 younger ones,i had to wait till i wouldn't get in trouble ;)
if my math is correct,we are the about the same age( i tend to forget which yr they told me i was born in...heh heh heh

If we deny truth before your very eyes,then the rest of what we have to say,is of little consequence

9/11 unraveled quite nicely, with half New Yorkers wanting a

new investigation, and Sandy Hook unraveled faster still. Just because they think they are getting away with it doesn't mean nobody knows what they are doing. I hate it when people make long rants about how nothing is of any use while the rest of us keep working to spread awareness.

Release the Sandy Hook video.

People said Mubarak would not unravel either

and I'm sure the ordinary Egyptian was just as ignorant and apathetic as the average American. Same goes for any revolution. At some point a button is pushed that triggers the pent-up anger. Let's see how cops like feds who let allow cop killers to walk free after numerous warnings. Collier would be alive if the FBI did its job.

Release the Sandy Hook video.