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I’m still here: back online after a year without the internet

Good story about a guy who quits his internet and smartphone for a year- tells what he notices and how the net changed him.
We should all try to do this one or two days a week.


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I took last summer off, it was awesome.

I spent the summer watching the sun rise and set, and marking where it came up on the horizon and what time. I sketched the mountain that is most prominent on my skyline, several times. I got to know the plans on my land, what comes up when. I learned to play Sudoku, and I tended animals. It was pretty sweet, I look forward to doing it again.
There is a place in town where we went once a month to pay bills online, so we were not totally without tubes, but all the people who swear civilzation will crumble without the internet are wrong. It will probably get more civil.

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I always thought it was silly

I always thought it was silly to think the internet would somehow negatively impact us. It's like anything in it all depends on how it's used. In fact, today, people who've cultivated a large online world and friends, not using the internet would risk those relationships and benefits from that world. So, for instance, I work online. Should I be poor and starve so I can "get off the internet"? lol

We had a massive party yesterday. Sorry you missed it.

Massive Circular Coronal Mass Ejection, May 1, 2013 Approximate size of Earth shown. Welcome back.

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Lol twain...

... "Welcome back". haha.

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That's a good article. In the

That's a good article. In the end though, he said that being offline really didn't change anything.

You have to unplug completely to see a change

if you blame lack of productivity or lack of personal or family connection on the internet, that's fine but it's only part of the story. We are disconnected because we habitually distract ourselves as a nation. TV, phone, cell phone, movies, music, reading or anything that takes you out of the moment naturally disconnects you from your body or your physical surroundings and also people around you.

I saw a PBS documentary / reenactment experiment years back called "Frontier House". Check it out if you can find it. Three families had to give up ALL electronics including music other than what they could sing, or stories except what they could tell and try to live the life on the frontier. Mostly their lives were cooking, cleaning, and farming. They spent like 6 months there. In the end, when they all went home to their normal lives they felt bombarded with information and noise. They missed the quiet life back at their frontier houses. One thing the women said though. They loved having their clothes washer back.

Someone actually put Frontier House on Youtube when I wasn't


Here's the beginning of the first episode if you want to check it out

The Original "Frontier House"


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I loved watching Grizzly Adams as a kid :)


I loved that show!

And they did one in England...and they did one that was in colonial times and Oprah and her friend Gail came to visit them and had to get dirty and stink like everyone else...and use the outhouse!

OH I did too!

I was quite addicted to the series of docu-experiments

First one I saw was 1800 house but I've seen a whole bunch of them.
Colonial House
Manor House
Ranch House
1940's house
1800 house
and Frontier house

There were more but I didn't see them

I did see a couple of similar ones out of Canada that were good too.

I was terribly interested in the day to day life of different eras