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NASA Video: Massive Solar Flare. May 1, 2013

Massive Circular Coronal Mass Ejection, May 1, 2013 Approximate size of Earth shown at top of image w/ blurry caption. Extremely hard to imagine the scale & scope of this. This is directly from NASA's Internet site: http://www.NASA.gov

A coronal mass ejection (CME) erupted from just around the edge of the sun on May 1, 2013, in a gigantic rolling wave. CMEs can shoot over a billion tons of particles into space at over a million miles per hour. This CME occurred on the sun’s limb and is not headed toward Earth. The video, taken in extreme ultraviolet light by NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO), covers about two and a half hours.

Credit: NASA take by their Solar Dynamics Observator (SDO). [So they say.]

[Captured over a 2.5-hour stretch yesterday according to Newser: http://www.newser.com/story/167282/watch-a-solar-wave-burst-... ]

http://youtu.be/OTIoRGA5GME Here is another from last year. Half minute newsreel.

Update from/for HAM Radio Operators:
Latest Solar News and Updates

M1 Flare + Coronal Mass Ejection (CME) / Solar Update 05/02/2013 by Kevin VE3EN at 08:50 UTC
Solar activity is now... moderate... Solar Flare around Sunspot 1731 in the northern hemisphere... Stunning 3 hour aurora light show this morning.

SUMMARY: 10cm Radio Burst
Begin Time: 2013 May 02 0502 UTC
Maximum Time: 2013 May 02 0505 UTC
End Time: 2013 May 02 0505 UTC
Duration: 3 minutes
Peak Flux: 240 sfu

ALERT: Type II Radio Emission
Begin Time: 2013 May 02 0506 UTC
Estimated Velocity: 703 km/sec
Description: Type II emissions occur in association with eruptions on the sun and typically indicate a coronal mass ejection is associated with a flare event.

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