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How do I post a pic?

Somebody or Anybody - please.

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Just an experiment

What does everyone think of my sexy young wife Violet?

Thanks everyone.

I knew it was probably here too somewhere.

Totally spaced the FAQ.

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Right click on image& click "inspect element":

Copy this & paste it here:

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Show off ;)

And I thought I was cool just learning how to embed pics and videos.

That's pretty neat. Could I put something like that in my sig line?

I don't know.......

I'm just an old guy that plays with the computer until I get it to do what I want.

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well. I guess that answers my question.

Do you have a link to some of the cool animated gifs(?)

I wonder if they can be put in the profile pic area.

Thanks in advance.

I can't get anything to work in the signature.

but here's some pages for emoticons:
Just click on the picture and they'll give you a code to post.

I usually just do a google search for whatever I want.

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eternally grateful sir. I can now express myself without words!

Funny pic

GROSS, but funny.

You can put one in your profile..........50 KB max size.

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Let's do the one on Peter's FB page.

go to https://www.facebook.com/PeterSchiff/photos_stream

Right Click on the photo of RP and the others. Then click "open link in a new tab". Copy the URL address for that picture.

go to http://tinypic.com/

Click on URL button and paste the address you copied in the box.

Click on upload now. Type the words they ask for.

When the picture opens click on the first box on the left and copy the HTML for websites.

Paste the "HTML for website" you copied in a post or comment. Picture will appear when you save.