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To those wondering about the front page

From what I've been told, Jon is working on an algorithm that will allow you to customize the front page to whatever parameters you select. Please cut the guy some slack. He has a day job AND he's trying to help out here at the same time.

This is mainly (as I understand it) because MN is going on a (much needed) vacation for a couple of weeks, and he is the one who decides what goes on the front page. Since the mods are a little skittish about front paging something, as this is not their property, a choice is being made available. (the front page will continue to be updated in Michael's absence)

Michael will return in "at least two weeks."

Please exercise some patience as the bugs get worked out. I don't know of another site that is more lenient on topic, or makes more of an effort to please everyone by allowing this type of personal customisation.
I'm not sure how it will all work out, (it could essplode) but I tip my hat to the ones trying to make it happen. Thanks for understanding.

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More censorship?

I have no interest in a front page based on the most up votes. Why? The up/down vote promotes group think, not critical thinking, and it's a form of coercion that contradicts DP's purported libertarian philosophy.

The previous front page configuration was based on "most viewed" posts, and in many cases, the most viewed posts were down voted. Therefore, a front page based on the most viewed posts provides space and exposure for ideas that broaden the discussion. This also allows people to place comments/information in front of the most viewers. Isn't that the purpose of political activism, i.e., get ideas out to the largest possible audience? But the "customize" front page feature doesn't include an option to see the most viewed posts. DP newcomers may not realize that clicking on "viewed" in the blue bar will bring up the most viewed page, so the front page change seems to be a thinly veiled attempt to limit the discussion of opposing ideas. However, if I had the option to customize a front page based on the most viewed posts, I would have no problem with the changes. (Rand Paul: One person can make a difference) (Fast and Furious hearing)

My take ...

... there are times when "top down" is the best way to go, and there are other times when "bottom up" is the best way to go.

When it comes to any business, there are times that the "brain trust" who runs the company comes up with an idea and decide to implement it. Steve Jobs was good at coming up with new ideas that people didn't even know they would like.

But most businesses are not like that. In most cases, it is a good idea for a company to test an idea in the marketplace to decide if it would go over well or poorly.

When it comes to an internet business, it is ALL about the user experience. Big companies like Yahoo employ designers who's sole mission is to figure out what a good overall design is. This is independent of the graphics and look & feel of the site, but it is specifically the UX UI specialists (UX UI stands for "User Experience, User Interface"). It is all about where various parts of the website are located.

When someone comes to a blog site, the front page is everything (except when they land on an article page, but even then when they hit "home" that first page is all-important in determining what they think of the site).

Despite the hard work that went into this design, and I KNOW Drupal is no easy beast, I think it was a bad decision to roll this out without testing. Such could easily be done by using a subdomain (leaving in place and testing with and asking the CUSTOMERS what we think.

Personally, I side with others who say they do not like the new concept. It does not have a community feel, just a web portal "list of links" feel. Not a blog, not an IMPORTANT list of stories. It is a blah kind of feeling. If I were to come to this site for the first time, and saw that first page, I would be more likely to leave than if I saw those same articles in the old format.

Finally, I agree with the idea that personalizing each user experience so much will dilute the effect of the most popular articles.

Think of some of the most popular websites, mainstream and libertarian, and think of how much they customize for each user versus how much is the same for each user: Google, Yahoo, MSN, CNN, Alex Jones, Lew Rockwell, etc. One experience for all users is a better way to go IMO for a website that is trying to promote a message.

If the problem is a lack of time that it takes to decide which articles go on the front page, then maybe there are other solutions. IMO, this is not the decision that will best promote this website or serve its long-term best interests.

My vote on the new design: No.

may have an undesired effect

... of scattering the folks and possibly reducing effectiveness:

i.e. when new åctivism opportunities present themselves it would be better if everyone sees them at the top of the front page ... imagine trying to raise $6,000,000 in one day again if everyone's front page is different ...

so maybe a quick easy golden button ( like the new big red new comment button which I like ) to switch from the ( default ) front page ( which I believe should always be first ) to the custom front page ....

thanks y'all

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I still

have mine set to the default style.

The mods will continue to update the frontpage with (hopefully)interesting stories, and try to keep them in the spirit of what MN would showcase.

Right now, I'd imagine Jon is sleeping for about 48 hours. If not, he should be...;)

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Thank you!


You guys have done a great job

hacking wordpress that is.

Drupal yo

Drupal yo

Thank You Jefferson

Thought as much.


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Just click on "Viewed"

on that blue bar going across the top of your page. Relax and accept change.

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Good Job!


looks like an incredible

brain twister to make this happen, thanks Jon and Michael for putting in the effort.

Looks like it will be one of the most sophisticated forums around -

And a Happy Birthday to Michael N. - Bon voyage!

I am happy...

I am happy with the way it was, I would appreciate it if mine was put back like it was. Thanks


I feel the pain

I'm in charge of a helpdesk system that will route based on what keywords the end user enters in, so I feel the pain of getting this "just right" based on the user's preference. Personally, its a move in the right direction, being automated and all, especially with having a day job on top of moderating this; it just takes time.

Is this reserved for account holders, bc it would confuse guests

I like the idea Jon, keep it up! Keep our synapses firing neurons and i'll keep posting.

bump! yay fun! :D

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Oh Honey. We're the life of the party. Next time. He loves us.

Mister Nystrom won't be gone long. Let's watch the fireworks. $70 million seats? NASA Theatre Company contracted with Russia for 5 seats @ 70 million each. Even it is not opera, I am sure we will enjoy it. Come on Honey. The DailyPaul needs us here. I'll ask Mister Jefferson to get us front row seats for tonigt's performance. Their fireworks will be starting soon. Come on. Let's go.

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Is there a clause written somewhere that might

help an underprivileged person like me get a seat?

Let's look under the mandates of the "Space Exploration Mandate of 2013."

For those of us on limited budgets, free rides still available.

No reserved seating. No boarding pass required. Those in steerage must bring their own parachute.

Disclaimer: Mark Twain (1835-1910-To be continued) is unlicensed. His river pilot's license went delinquent in 1862. Caution advised. Daily Paul

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"Cyril" pronounced "see real". I code stuff.


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Thank you Jefferson, and thank you Jon

Excellent explanation.

Jon is working his magic so that everyone can choose their own configuration for their own front pages. Non members will see a list of most upvoted stories.

As Jefferson mentioned, tomorrow is my birthday, and I'm leaving on a vacation for (at least) two weeks. The last time I left the DP, I honestly didn't feel like coming back, thanks to posts and complaints like Nick M's. I'm just sick of being giving people and opinions like that a voice.

Jon, who has done so much incredible work on the site, is helping me with this front page solution, and is working on some other tricks to make this a comfortable place for everyone.

Happy "B day" Mich~ael!

Have a great vacation bro!



Please honey. We've got to stay here & keep the DailyPaul alive.

After Mister Nystrom returns with his young bride, we can book our cruise. Let's watch the fireworks. Massive Circular Coronal Mass Ejection, May 1, 2013. Approximate size of Earth shown.

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to those who keep asking about it

go to the MOD box and read whats up,then no one has to bother
repeating the same thing over and over
that is time consuming
that is all.....

Leave an indelible mark on all of those that you meet.
OH... have fun day :)

I love this place :D

Thanks Jefferson and Jon and Michael and everyone else

Same here

Michael, enjoy your vacation and happy birthday. And thanks for all of your great work. A big thank you to Jon as well!

He's doing quite a good job

IMO. When I work on a live site, it tends to "essplode" ;)

Just open the box and see

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Yep, I'm not allowed anywhere close to those kind of wires...

Let's seeee....cut the red one....NO....the GREEN one!!