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The Footage Of Reese Witherspoon Being Arrested Is Fantastic

"This is BEYOND!"
"I"m obstructing your justice? Really?"
"And I'm anti-American?"


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just a human who over did it

caught on camera. I personally hope this unfortunate event helps her career because I for one am nauseated by PR. It is nice for me to imagine that actors are humans too. I find it silly when people are shocked or can not deal with the fact that many (no aspersions cast) actors are gay. First off, who gives a **** about trivial **** like that .Second ; do you remember drama club members in school? I realize I am off subject here. Fine, this person got a DWI.Yes she is a member of the ruling class...nvrmnd

Aaron Russo, Nikola Tesla, Ron Paul, I'm jus' sayin'


bother trying to educate anyone over there, they deleted 3 of my comments already. Was trying to explain that dwi "driving while intoxicated" is now dui or dwai since they have lowered the limits to where you are no longer intoxicated and in some cases like Florida .02 can get you arrested if you're younger. .02 in some rare cases is 1 beer, effectively a total ban. If they want to ban drinking, then do it and declare it! Don't keep changing the definition and lowering the limit sneakily. Just come out and ban it so we can have the final discussion on it. Just shows what some angry and ignorant mothers can do when they have nothing constructive to spend their time on. Now we have illegal precrime checkpoints which are just there to fill the pockets of the local uniformed drunk drivers and their drunken legislators. True crime is has a victim. Under this type of thinking anything can be banned in the name of preventing something but emotional statists have zero critical thinking skills.

"Endless money forms the sinews of war." - Cicero, www.freedomshift.blogspot.com

She certainly did not do

She certainly did not do anything she needed to apologize for.

She is a feisty one

It must be in her blood considering her 4th great grandfather signed the declaration of independence.

This is fantastic

Reese Witherspoon is an A-list Hollywood celebrity. With her money and influence, she can help awaken many more powerful people to shine a light on the growing police state that America is becoming. From what I read in the newspapers I thought she was being drunk and kind of violent. Turns out she used a pretty calm tone of voice the whole time. It's unfortunate she had to go through this but hopefully she will speak out rather than just letting herself be silenced.

Maybe so

But I would be willing to bet she thinks this is the fault of 'right wing conservatives'.

I wonder if she has Obama on speed dial?


But maybe she'll start looking more closely at these types of issues and learn what's really going on. Maybe not but I can hope.

I am always hopeful

more will wipe the sleep crust out of their eyes. Some days pessimism/realism? gets the best of me though.