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A big Thank You to the DP's Joη

Joη is the DP's resident magician. Without him, there would be no Daily Paul. He has solved so many problems for me here at the DP that I doubt the site would even be here without him. I would have long ago given it up in frustration.

He came up with the voting system, and along with it, different ways of looking at the data on the site with the Most pages. He implemented the Posts by State, and the DP Originals. He came up with the idea for, and primarily staffs the Mod Box.

Thanks to Joη, we can now embed pictures and videos into our posts and comments, which has made interaction here more fun (especially on the nightly jam session thread).

He came up with a way to look at the most recent videos posted on the site. At my vague suggestion, did something similar for book links posted on the site with the new DP Bookshelf. I mentioned this the other night to him, and by the next morning it was done.

He fixed a bug in Drupal so you can actually find comments that are buried deep in threads. Look at the whole blue bar at the top of the site. That's all him. And there is so much more that I can't even begin to explain. He is tireless, kind, smart, sensitive, an original thinker, and he has a huge heart. But above all he is a friend - like many friends I have here at the DP, one I've never met in person.

- - -

Currently, as I go away on vacation, Joη is working on a solution for the front page. When I get back from this trip, I have a new job waiting for me, so I won't have the luxury of time to choose the best stories for the front page, or tinker as much with the site.

The front pages will be individualized based on your preferences. And for non-members / non-logged in users, the front page will be determined by your votes.

There are some kinks and misunderstandings with the new system as we roll it out. Please be patient, and give credit where it is due.

Thank you Joη, from me, and all of us here who appreciate everything you've done for this community.

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I thought sys admins lived on complaints. jk

At least that's what I thought users believed once upon a time.

Free includes debt-free!

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Yup. BUMP for Joη.

BUMP and congratulations for Joη, and for the compliments coming from the site owner and original creator himself, along with the users'.

Indeed, thank you Joη for all the nice feature increments and improvements upon the base platform.

That's from someone who knows what it takes to please users and yet not handcuff yourself with a diabolic mess of tangled code eager to bug, crash, and/or lose some data (usually the very one you hate to have to restore).

Kudos to Joη. Well deserved.

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Thank you.

The site is well designed. Good stuff.


Three cheers for Joη!

Hip, hip... Hooray!

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All the backend tools he's built that makes the job so much easier for us mods.

The amount of work he's put in here is incredible.

Thank you friend.

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Wow, I had no idea . . .

Thank you so much Jon!


Big Jon...Big, Bad Jon

Thanks for all you do!
Personally, I am partial to dropping the "h"
My brother was named Jon with 2 nephews as namesakes.


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Thank you Joῃ. You're the best❢

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Jon, the music freaks are having much fun on the nightly jam sessions because of your skillz. Thanks!

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Hell yeah

Joη kicks ass. Thanks to all who do the work to make the DP happen.


BIG THANK YOU @ the DP. I've often thought to myself how exceedingly well this site runs.

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Me too.

It's amazing.



...Joη for all the tweaks and maintenance. And best of luck with the new job, Michael.

And I thought programming my vcr clock was an accomplishment. :D

Thanks to all of you here making this place tick.

you still have a vcr?

or is that just a figure of speech that no one under 20 will get? :)

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Ya, a vcr/dvd combo

I wasn't going to go out and replace all the videos I had as dvd's took over. But alas I think the player took its last breath recently. I did get a lot of mileage out of that ol' thing.

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Hear, hear!!

A great deal of Jon's work behind the scenes has gone unnoticed. Thanks for taking the time to point some of it out. I would post an annoying smiley gif thing I learned today, but I won't make you all suffer.

Jon has always been helpful when I've needed it, and patient when he didn't have to be.