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FairTax Rally speech, Jefferson City Missouri= Benjamin Brixey, pls be critical... I am tryin to get better at speaking


My name is Ben Brixey and I have been on the DP for 2 years now,I believe.I worked on the Ron Paul campaign in 2012 and was a Missouri delegate all the way through the process. I learned so many things and met so many amazing people on that trip. It is the reason I am a DP member today. This speech is a little rocky in some areas and please be critical. I am trying to work on my public speaking. I wasn't expecting the huge light and camera lol

Thank you,
Ben Brixey


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No conservative group

No conservative group supports the Fair Tax. It is a liberal plan to put state control of taxes in federal hands. Period.

How, plz explain... changing

How, plz explain... changing a federal tax from income too sales does what to state control? It seems that conservatives in Missouri have supported this for many years.

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-Slow down and enunciate each syllable crisply
-Project your voice into the microphone as if you were projecting to the front rows without a microphone
-Speak from your heart; I believed your anti-war statements, but did not sense sincerity about the fair tax, as an example.
Observations from an old sales and marketing guy who has done his share of public speaking

Undo what Wilson did

thank you so much :)

thank you so much :)

There's no such thing as a "fair" tax.

Just as there's no such thing as a "fair" robbery or "fair" extortion.

Check out the Laissez-Faire Journal at LFJournal.com

"The State is a gang of thieves writ large." - Murray Rothbard

lol I am an an-cap dont worry

lol I am an an-cap dont worry I dont believe in taxes either

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Someone has to ask it...

Then why were you giving a speech pimping the fair tax?

Undo what Wilson did

I explain below in other

I explain below in other comments... I watched 6 Ron Paulers win a state rep seat last month here in Missouri, if there is even a small chance to reduce government intrusion, I am for it. Along with educating people and exposing Austrian economists to the public.

The Fair Tax Fraud

"The FairTax does nothing to tame the federal leviathan. The solution is nothing less than a drastic reduction or wholesale elimination of its revenue source. What is fair about allowing the government to confiscate 23 percent of the value of every new good and service? FairTax proponents may call it necessary legislation, but I call it highway robbery."
- Laurence M. Vance

the fairtax will help destroy

the fairtax will help destroy statistics, it gives less information to the state. Just stats on consumption.... if we reduce statistics we win. Rothbard basically said it.. making the state blinder than it already is.. I also am an an-cap lol go Mises.org :)

Consumption taxes are incredibly regressive.

Even if it decreases the tax burden for some, it increases tax burdens for those already not paying income tax.

And revenue neutrality is a joke, why is revenue neutrality touted as some kind of good thing, we want the State to have LESS revenue.

A sales tax is just a sneakier way to for the State to steal, because it hides the coercion from the consumer and an applies it only to the seller.

I understand that you may think a national sales tax is a lesser evil, which I would not agree, but even if it were a lesser evil why would you advocate for it?

Taxation is not only inherently incompatible with the Non-Aggression Principle, but it is a cancer to the market.

Even if being shot in the leg more preferable than being shot in the gut,I would still prefer not to be shot at all.

I don't advocate for replacing the income tax with a sales tax, I advocate for abolition of the income tax and replacing it with nothing.

Rothbard on consumption taxes:

"The consumption tax, on the other hand, can only be regarded as a payment for permission-to-live. It implies that a man will not be allowed to advance or even sustain his own life unless he pays, off the top, a fee to the State for permission to do so. The consumption tax does not strike me, in its philosophical implications, as one whit more noble, or less presumptuous, than the income tax."

Also, Rothbard explained how a consumption tax morphs into an income tax:

"Having challenged the merits of the goal of taxing only consumption and freeing savings from taxation, we now proceed to deny the very possibility of achieving that goal, i.e., we maintain that a consumption tax will devolve, willy-nilly, into a tax on income and therefore on savings as well. In short, that even if, for the sake of argument, we should want to tax only consumption and not income, we should not be able to do so.... the sales tax is subject to an extra complication: the general assumption that a sales tax can be readily shifted forward to the consumer is totally fallacious. In fact, the sales tax cannot be shifted forward at all!...In the long run, of course, and that run is not very long, the retail firms will not be able to absorb a sales tax; they are not unlimited pools of wealth ready to be confiscated. As the retail firms suffer losses, their demand curves for all intermediate goods, and then for all factors of production, will shift sharply downward, and these declines in demand schedules will be rapidly transmitted to all the ultimate factors of production: labor, land, and interest income. And since all firms tend to earn a uniform interest return determined by social time preference, the incidence of the fall in demand curves will rest rather quickly on the two ultimate factors of production: land and labor.

Hence, the seemingly common-sense view that a retail sales tax will readily be shifted forward to the consumer is totally incorrect. In contrast, the initial impact of the tax will be on the net incomes of retail firms. Their severe losses will lead to a rapid downward shift in demand curves, backward to land and labor, i.e., to wage rates and ground rents. Hence, instead of the retail sales tax being quickly and painlessly shifted forward, it will, in a longer-run, be painfully shifted backward to the incomes of labor and landowners. Once again, an alleged tax on consumption, has been transmuted by the processes of the market into a tax on incomes.

Check out the Laissez-Faire Journal at LFJournal.com

"The State is a gang of thieves writ large." - Murray Rothbard

Hey, buy used goods... no

Hey, buy used goods... no tax... why wont a black market appear and push us into a more stateless society? A black market for painting houses without reporting would occur ect... relieving many as they continue to move in the direction of not listening to the state. Easier to evade a sales tax over an income tax anyday

Your argument is...

it's good punish people for buying for buying new goods with a tax levied by the State, in order to force them into a second hand black market?

Black Markets are wonderful, but your suggestion that government forcing people to pay consumption taxes with the threat of violence is permitable in order to drive people towards black markets is wholly immoral, and inconsistent with the Non-aggression Principle.

If you are suggesting purposely using State coercion as a means of driving people into black markets, not only is that batshit insane, it is morally reprehensible.

I think it would be a good thing if more people avoided paying taxes to the State, but advocating for the State to tax is completely contradictory to that goal.

They wouldn't have to avoid the tax in the first place if there was no tax, that it a total non sequitur.

You don't advocate for a tax in order to avoid a tax.

Check out the Laissez-Faire Journal at LFJournal.com

"The State is a gang of thieves writ large." - Murray Rothbard

that is only one positive of

that is only one positive of the tax... that it is easier to evade... lmao if you could evade taxes with ease would you. Of course crippling the state. So, your welcome that I work hard to allow you that option. Good luck networking and marketing too share anarchism. In the long run we will win and ill do it my own individualistic way, just like a free market should function.

What is an easier tax to avoid?

A sales tax or a tax that does not exist?

My objection is that you are advocating for coercion.

You are right to want to repeal the income tax, but you are wrong to advocate replacing it with another tax.

Check out the Laissez-Faire Journal at LFJournal.com

"The State is a gang of thieves writ large." - Murray Rothbard

My argument is why not reduce

My argument is why not reduce the government coercion while spreading freedom... lmao this has truly been the best experience on the DP I have ever had... it's no use trying to convince anyone through the keyboard. I have turned more republicans onto the word libertarian than ever before, in the process of this one speech. Where did you start before becoming an anarchist... I'm sure it wasnt instant. Goodluck in your efforts, we will have to agree to disagree

Why did the FT architect want used goods exempt?

There was definitely an anti economic agenda, use your head. A thrift store economy would stop most new manufacturing.

Its exempt because you cant

Its exempt because you cant tax garage sales and personal sales, its impossible... its crafted that way because you cant watch people selling goods in a parking lot or a lawn... pawn shops would have a sales tax.... craigs list wouldnt. why would manufactoring stop? Straw man arguement after straw man arguement... no facts.. no figures... ask for explanations.. nothing... its hilarious

You either missed when i said

You either missed when i said we should reduce the tax rate, or never watched my speech, I would want it to be zero. The reason I advocate it is because sitting behind a keyboard doesnt convert people to anarchy fast enough nor change how the state treats us... we can sit around and talk about how crappy they treat us but if we don't attempt to challenge them with head on until we educate the masses on the quality of anarchism, we are not going to see fast enough progress in my opinion. I am trying to get the human race into a stateless society the fastest way possible, and not gaining status, persuasion, and exposure would be a terrible thing to give up. I gave a shout out 2 times for Austrian economists in my speech

You can challenge them head on...

without compromise.

Want to wake people up?

Then tell them that taxation is theft, don't advocate for one form of taxation over another.

Don't pretend that one form of taxation is more morally justifiable then another.

When I advocate against US foreign policy, I don't advocate for 1 war instead of 2, I clearly and passionately advocate against all aggressive war.

Taxation is just the same, it is morally inexcusable and I don't mince words when I argue against it.

If you are going to educate, then don't mislead people with half truths.

Check out the Laissez-Faire Journal at LFJournal.com

"The State is a gang of thieves writ large." - Murray Rothbard

I was doing that for 2 years

I was doing that for 2 years straight... got no where besides a couple people... I have already turned more with this one video. If you believe in free markets you will understand that not everyone comes to anarchism the same way... I came from a socialist back ground and RP changed me. When I would see the word republican I would choke..RP helped me open my mind. And a conservative wouldnt care for an income tax, they would push for a sales tax anyday

How does advocating for taxes convert people to libertarianism?

How does advocating for a tax educate others about the Non-aggression Principle?

How does reinforcing the belief among conservatives that there is a just form of taxation turn them towards libertarianism?

Regarding taxation, it sounds to me like you are having success with preaching conservatism to conservatives and not libertarianism.

If you want to educate people about the libertarian philosophy, you don't alter it to fit the views they already hold, because then you aren't teaching them libertarian philosophy.

Check out the Laissez-Faire Journal at LFJournal.com

"The State is a gang of thieves writ large." - Murray Rothbard

Did you EVEN watch the

Did you EVEN watch the speech... the last two mins are about the fairtax...

Yes I watched it.

I am asking specifically, how does advocating for a tax educate people about the Non-Aggression Principle?

How does endorsing a tax in any way, shape, or form promote the philosophy of liberty?

I am not talking about your other rhetoric, I am talking specifically about your support for a tax.

Check out the Laissez-Faire Journal at LFJournal.com

"The State is a gang of thieves writ large." - Murray Rothbard

Continue with your studies

and you will find more potholes than smooth road.

I just see more pot holes in

I just see more pot holes in the income tax than a sales tax.... Not taxing savings is massive, allowing larger pools of capital to grow, increasing a saving habit would be huge in any country. Sorry, I have debated an economist teacher into shrugging his shoulders and wondering why a sales tax is called regressive in the first place... it's a delusion. Any change in the tax code has damaging effect along the way... so yes its not painless, however i have personal testimony from someone who lived in Tennessee when they did this, the economy was far better. Also, economic studies concur.

Linear thinking

You will end up in a greater degree of slavery.
It's not about what is proposed. It is about the slippery slope.

I have a feeling that you have ignored the links posted. Argue those points.

I watched the video... I have

I watched the video... I have seen it before... but there has yet to be an example given or point given about how a sales tax is more severe than an income tax. The video above is talking about any tax not the fair tax specifically.

Is that the bar?

"... but there has yet to be an example given or point given about how a sales tax is more severe than an income tax"

You are trying to sell me on how great it would be to have a few apples taken from the eighty pound bag that I am carrying. Then, not too much later, I will end up carrying a ninety pound bag.

You did not watch the various videos, or your linear thinking did not allow you to comprehend the contents.

I honestly cant thank you

I honestly cant thank you enough. This helped me grow