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FairTax Rally speech, Jefferson City Missouri= Benjamin Brixey, pls be critical... I am tryin to get better at speaking


My name is Ben Brixey and I have been on the DP for 2 years now,I believe.I worked on the Ron Paul campaign in 2012 and was a Missouri delegate all the way through the process. I learned so many things and met so many amazing people on that trip. It is the reason I am a DP member today. This speech is a little rocky in some areas and please be critical. I am trying to work on my public speaking. I wasn't expecting the huge light and camera lol

Thank you,
Ben Brixey


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I literally watched that

I literally watched that video 2 times lmao this is so funny... IDC if you support this tax... I asked for critics on my speech idc what you think of the product... lmao now I truly know the most unproductive thing to do is... to preach anarchy on the internet... I am and anarchist doing my own thing and two others come on here and bash... which is what I used to do... thank god I grew up... thank you for this life experience seriously this makes me feel much better about being involved in reducing state power... it actually clears my mind of it thanks :))))))))))))))))))))

na, the FairTax has a probate

Maybe, you could be right but the FairTax has a probate system on it. So, regressive no... and a sales tax would be much better than an income tax. Regressive is a subjective value and interesting enough they stuck that word infront of a sales tax as an example in government run econ 101 classes... the wealthy pay 100 for a shirt, the poor some $2 some $10. The rich probably buy more shirts as well and more access to other markets. The rich are in more markets as well, like the yacht market. So, an increased price, quantity purchased, more exposure would be a progressive tax. The state uses the word regressive to define that tax system in econ 101 classes to scare the masses. The word sticks around for anyone who believes in no taxes usually as well, why argue directly the definition of a regressive tax with the example of a sales tax, stuck in history forever now, until thoroughly reviewed. Which the state/elite economist will never do, however there is a probate destroying the regressive argument completely, and less intrusive than an income tax