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I Love President Obama

Because his actions have caused so many people to say, "WTF?"

Is he bad? Or is he an actor just playing the part? We'll never know the answer.

The Big O has awakened Sleeping Beauty if recent gun and ammunition sales are indicative of an awakening.

Has there ever been a time in America where so many people are wide awake? A fire has been lit under our collective asses for those who dare to pay attention.

Wide awake about what?

Communism/socialism/Marxism/Agenda 21/internationalism/globalism, sustainable development, climate gate...er, global warming, depopulation, eugenics, carbon taxes, Bill Gates and Planned Parenthood, etc.

At times I think the government does all of this stupid $h!t just to mess with us and wake us up out of our collective slumber.

So many of us are wide awake in America.

Freedom doesn't sleep.


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So we

Have to be stomped on in order to wake up? I don't like this one bit.

Never Thought I Would Upvote A Post Like This

that says "I Love Obama" but I have to agree with you. HOWEVER, Like I posted to fishy, I think the awakening would have happened with or without Obama due to the planet entering a photon belt "supposedly, I have no way to prove it except for what I have been told" and in doing so it has expanded the ability of the human brain to be aware of their surroundings. Does that make any sense or am I not explaining it well? I am tired right now. Has to do with the Mayan calendar ending and the age of Aquarius starting. So I am taught.


I think the internet

has played a big part in waking people up.