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Happy Birthday and Bon Voyage Michael!

I know it's an hour early but you've probably got to get in bed and get up early too. Just wanted to say I appreciate you and all you have done and been through, especially in the last couple of weeks..
You've taken some hard knocks, but have truly been an example of patience and grace where I would normally fall short.

I hope you and your wife have a memorable and relaxing time. We'll keep an eye on things while you're gone. "Truuuust me!"


No, seriously. Don't give this place a second thought while you're away.

Enjoy making those memories, because no matter what happens, that's something they can never take away.

Be safe.

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Wow Thank you

If I saw that, I don't remember seeing it before.. but I remember seeing many of the originals. I enjoyed watching that.. great picture of MN!! THANK YOU! Makes me feel like it's my birthday..

Heartache and joy,

Heartache and joy, bitterweet feelings, what you guys did, may not have gotten what we all wanted, but as this video shows, half of it is the journey, this video makes me proud of all of you who tried, however small a difference you thought it may have been, grassroots, you made it happen......real proud, video always feels me right up with warm cuddly fuzzy feelings........mmm.., so to speak ...ahem :D

Edit: and strangely, makes me wanna fist pump the air, all the while :D

LOL (((((gomez)))))

You were there in spirit! (and that's the most important part)

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keep bumped so MN sees it on his way out of town in the morning.

Thank you and GOODNIGHT!