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Missouri Governor Caught Illegally Sending Out Conceal Carry And Drivers License Info To The Feds To Comply With Real Id

Missouri Governor Jay Nixon (Democrat) is in big trouble. He has been caught lying about the massive release of private info of Missouri citizens - primarily conceal carry permit holders and those who renewed or applied for driver's licenses in the last 4 years.

The info was sent from the Missouri Dept. of Revenue to the Federal Government to comply with the Real ID (National ID system), which the state of Missouri has banned the implementation of.

Nixon could be up for impeachment by the judicial system within the state.

more info here.



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Something tells me that he

Something tells me that he will get away with it without any kind of legal or financial punishment. Perhaps the sportsmen of his state will make him pay when he is up for reelection. If the feds are doing this in this one state they are likely doing it in all fifty.

Larry in North Carolina
The only thing necessary for evil to triumph is for good men and women to not support Ron Paul!

the gov

has total political cover from criminal prosecution I am sure. But I do believe a civil lawsuit may be the way to go.

REAL ID has been renamed to PASS ID

PASS ID was rammed through many of the states that opposed REAL ID several years ago. passed under the dark of night as the watered down renamed version of REAL ID.

I was the only one who made noise about this in my state before it passed.

If you are required to bring copies of utility bills, certified birth certificate and a long list of other formalities to renew your drivers license...chances are your state adopted this. Most states adopted because the fed mandated citizens had to have this to board an airplane.

PASS ID is not a national ID card ....we've had that for 30 years now.
how do you think cops can pull up FTA warrants from other states when they stop you ?

PASS ID is a cross border....."international" ID card. even though most people don't know it yet.


"Take hold of the future or the future will take hold of you." -- Patrick Dixon

Yes and no.

The ID *device* is irrelevant.

National ID is the DATA.

Whether the data is transmitted on a plastic card, magnetic strip, 2D or 3D bar code, RFID is utterly IRRELEVANT.

The issue is that the feds have the DATA which the constitution does NOT authorize them to have and use it to track you, register your guns, prevent you from getting a job without permission (eVerify), confiscate money out of your bank account, etc.

Thank you for posting Missouri news!

I was appalled when I applied for my DL renewal...I guess my info went all the way to the Feds...

Just goes to show that once

Just goes to show that once they have your info...it can go anywhere at anytime to anyone. Expect some horrendous things to happen with health care info, especially after they get their super federal databases all fired up and join all the HMO and state's medical info together.

you hit the nail on the head

Obamacare is one huge personal information collector. Main reason is to pretty much for population control, get to a certain age and your done for.

Death Panels is 100% correct, it's like the movie Logan's Run from way back when.

I have to say it

Impeach Nixon!



What state do you think did NOT do this?



probably a bunch of them, I think we are one of the first to catch it. The big deal is our state outlawed the implementation of the real ID, and the Gov. lied. It will get interesting really quickly.

Arizona did the same thing.

Outlawed REAL ID and then turned over all the data REAL ID required anyway.



You know how Holder just threatened Brownbeck in KS for "standing up" to the feds with their pro2am "nullification" law? Think KS didn't hand over their citizens data, incl CCW license data, to the feds and Janet Napolitano? Think again.

I heard about Kansas

I sent an email to the KS gov. telling him to hod strong.

They are tied together.

It's not about the ID card it's about the DATA.

If the feds have the DATA, then when you buy hardware, the "instacheck" data triggered by running your id becomes hardware REGISTRATION DATA.

You cannot separate the two, since we now live in 2013. The DATA never goes away.