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Crossed Another Line (Original song by DP poster)

Had the Boston Marathon bombing in mind when I wrote this. Probably not the cup of tea for the vast majority, but if you have the patience I'd be grateful for your feedback :)

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Great new feature

Wish it was around years ago! (the embed feature)

Yours in Liberty,

Honest Opinion?

The song is great, but you really need to draw people in visually on the youtube video because the beginning is black and only us Paul people will wait for the good stuff to start. Just being honest. Get some good visual stuff at the beginning if you want to get sleeping people to watch. Hope I have not offended you, I live with a musical artist and she is sensitive. But, you asked for feedback. I am just telling you how it affected me as a viewer. LOVE the song and message though. Keep up the great art!


That's the only kind that counts :)

Otherwise it's just lip service and is no help at all! Thank you for the feedback, it really is invaluable to me in figuring out what "works". There are some more things I'd like to do instrumentally with the song, some extra things I'd like to add in some of the lengthy instrumental parts with no lyrics. I haven't put too much time into any of my videos because I don't ever really consider the songs finished. But eventually :P Thanks again!

Yours in Liberty,

That was good dude, I really

That was good dude, I really liked it. That's up there at the top for me in original songs I've seen hear on the DP for sure. Good enough to make me look at your profile to see if you had posted any other songs. Nice work, keep at it.


Your words are both humbling and inspiring. Thank you very much! I saw you posted a NIN vid on another thread, saw them 5 times, always amazing :p

Yours in Liberty,