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Gov. Jan Brewer Vetoes Arizona Gold and Silver Bill

Seems to me like she vetoed it because it would be hard to regulate. These clowns cant even fathom an idea that is unregulated by government.


" Arizona Governor Jan Brewer vetoed a measure on Thursday that would have made gold and silver legal tender in the state, saying the legislation could have resulted in lost tax revenue.

The Republican-controlled state legislature voted through the measure last month in a response to what backers said was a lack of confidence in the international monetary system.

The bill called for Arizona to make gold and silver coins and bullion legal tender beginning in mid-2014, joining existing U.S. currency issued by the federal government.

"While I believe the concern over a devalued dollar as a result of an unsustainable federal deficit is justified, I am unable to support this legislation," Brewer, a Republican, said in an open letter to state Senate President Andy Biggs.

Brewer noted that the "administrative and fiscal burdens" for taxpayers and the revenue department "remain vague." She also cited uncertainty over whether the legislation would have required the state to exempt transactions involving collectable coins and bills that were authorized by Congress and could be used as legal tender.

"This would result in lost revenue to the state, while giving businesses that buy and sell collectable coins or currency originally authorized by Congress an unfair tax advantage," she said.

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Of all the video shootings of

Of all the video shootings of individuals at the hands of out of control police...it is difficult to understand why the black community hangs their hat on this example of a defense shooting of man, Michael Brown. Why is the media not showing the clear evidence that was made public earlier in this case? I stand with Officer Wilson in this particular incident and hope he and his family can withstand the rabid racial outcry of the mob. Is inciting the mob to racial violence the plan in America?

oops...wrong thread...sorry

oops...wrong thread...sorry

Lost "Revenue"

If this doesn't show that the ONLY concern politicians have is regarding control, which by extension means control over one's labor.

Protection Money

They should call it what it is

Where's everyones gold and silver payment from the states?

The Constitution sure has a different take on her view and the other 49 states while they love to play with fake fiat currency to enrich themselves at the publics expense.

“[No State shall] make any Thing but gold and silver Coin a Tender in Payment of Debts;“




needs to get rid of her and John McCain! replace them with Ron Paul people. :)

Have to agree with you

I always thought Brewer was a decent governor.This has really showed her true colors.We need to stop giving a shit about making sure the government gets their share of everything.They have been taking their share(along with everyone elses)for entirely too long!!!Time to put brewer out.

Brewer IS out

Newly elected Governor Doug Ducey explains plans for Ariz.
Posted: Nov 03, 2014 1:54 PM Updated: Nov 06, 2014 5:14 PM


Don't know if he is any better?

[Edit: Oops! Old thread.]

Another progessive tax pig

Put her in the pile of progressive FRN whores like McCain and Christie.

I really don't get it. Can't

I really don't get it. Can't any private business already choose what to take as payment? They could take pubes if they wanted to. Wouldn't this only apply to public enterprise?

It would be hard to regulate. Some ass hat would go to pay a ticket with Morgan dollars and think they are worth like $50 each even though they only have 0.77 oz. of silver.

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Go to Hell, Jan.

She's worse than Napolitano.

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"The State is a gang of thieves writ large." - Murray Rothbard

She really does suck hard.

She really does suck hard. Old bat.

I thought things would be great when Janet Nap moved along. But Jan is just more of the same.

Resist the temptation to feed the trolls.

Yet Another Flip Flopping Traitor

No big surprise.


Governor refuses to recognize Constitution as binding.


Free includes debt-free!

So essentially a governor vetoes

something the government doesn't know how to collect taxes on?

This should not surprise us.

I wonder how fast the same government stooges will switch to a new form of money that can be taxed easily when the US dollar value collapses?

I suspect within hours.

Time to start paying all government fees in post-1982 pennies just to tick 'em off.

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She is homies with the O.

She is homies with the O.

SteveMT's picture

There is no place to hide after this veto.

The question of whether Brewer is a puppet of the NWO has just been answered in the affirmative.

Aww damn that sucks it would

Aww damn that sucks it would have been quite the message had the bill been signed into law :(

Kabuki representation.

There you go, another elected official representing you.
I often wonder if these people actually collude... "Hey, Jan, you WILL veto this, right? Because I'm up for re-election and I really need to make it look like I am doing what the people want, but I don't want this to actually PASS, fer chrisakes!" Or is it all just a game of spoons, everybody grabs what they can when they can, and whoever gets stuck without a spoon, oh well! You get to be the bad guy, or risk getting Kennedy'd for letting it pass!

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

Hell of a retirement speach

Her reason was an admission of who she really works for.

Government vetoes legislation

Government vetoes legislation that it can't put its thumb down on?
Color me shocked.

Southern Agrarian

I agree, with the 1% of Americans that hold physical would

By daunting for someone who takes their orders from a higher power than the people, there is no need to give people a safe haven from government theft. Like any legislation there are hurdles, and her admittance that the need for such is justified, lets hold off so that the government has the clear advantage of theft against the people, putting tax revenue over the will of the people is always the smart thing to do, for heavens sake someone might be able to protect their assets. While the outrage over immigration led her to take action, the safety of the residence under her care takes a back seat to challenges to the fed and the .govs ability to keep people under the thumb of the tax man. It is obvious on which side of her bread is buttered...

Always remember:
"It does not require a majority to prevail, but rather an irate, tireless minority keen to set brush fires in people's minds." ~ Samuel Adams
If they hate us for our freedom, they must LOVE us now....

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