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The Paedofile: Police Investigating The Previous Police Investigation Which Investigated The One Before That Find Themselves Inv

"Can thirty years of failure in Richmond really be down to incompetence?"

"The Exaro news site reveals how police in 1983 took no action against a child abuse complaint at a Richmond care home despite corroborating evidence from the victim’s friend. Then how a 2003 team reopened the investigation, got nowhere…and are now being investigated by contemporary Plod….who is also investigating his own IPCC about a 2004 complaint relating to the case that they didn’t follow up. I wonder if anyone has spotted the fact that the cops are a bit, um, lacking in objectivity when it comes to investigating themselves."

PEDOPHILES HAVE TAKEN CONTROL OF GOVERNMENT, INCLUDING LAW ENFORCEMENT. Maybe another 30 years of ignoring it will make it go away.