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When the people are free to be armed, we don't mourn and fear shootings, we sing songs about them!

Whenever a gunman takes advantage of people who have been disarmed by obedience to draconian laws, the story is taken, twisted and used to promote the continued erosion of the very freedoms that would have stopped the horrific event in the first place. There are endless memorials to remind us of the event, and the tragedy of it continues to haunt us for years to come.

When someone lawfully uses a firearm to defend themselves and others what happens is completely different. We celebrate the event with song! We have heroes to sing about! A story to laugh about. Popular bands even cover the songifcation of the news story (http://youtu.be/5p8p5JkWUGg). This is much difference than the guilt, shame, and fear that is capitalized upon in the previous scenario that uses a government enforced tragedy to perpetuate more government enforcement.

Here is a great example of how every school shooting, home invasion, and armed robbery should be reported and ultimately celebrated in a land where we are free to be armed and defend ourselves:


Imagine instead of Sandy Hook being used to force us to give up our rights and mourn the loss of all those children and teachers, instead we sang songs to celebrate how a gorgeous and courageous young school teacher pulled a revolver from her purse, killed the gunman and saved the children!

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