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Israel Is Pouring in, to Control Texan's and America's Water

By Martin Hill


Who knew that Israelis controlled a large amount of water distribution systems in America and are gunning for more? It turns out that Israeli companies have invested a lot of time and money into water desalination. Israel has a serious drought problem, and they've developed new technology to address the problem.

The press release above states that the CEO mentioned in the article, Clare Freeman, "is working with the Governor's office and the Water Management Board to plan the day for maximum impact." It's interesting that Clare Freeman is "working with the Governor's office" because Clare thinks Perry is, as she posted on her twitter account, a "Snake Oil Salesman." Apparently it's okay to cozy up to snakes if the potential for a hefty profit is involved. There are some famous people in history who tried to make deal with the serpent too.Today, May 3rd, Clare just happens to be having a gathering at the "Dallas Holocost Museum". It's actually spelled "Holocaust,", but on Clare's Texas-Israel Chamber of Commerce webpage, they spelled HoloCOST. Interesting oversight, or perhaps a more revealing Freudian slip.

...Another source of concern may be all the historical as well as modern accounts of Jews and Israelis purposely poisoning water sources as a means of terrorism and coercion. Numerous NWO's (Non-Governmental Organizations) have also reported on the purposeful contamination of water sources.

...Politicians of both parties, from national lawmakers to local mayors, are endlessly mesermized by Israel and constantly parrot the canard that they are our special friend and closest ally. However, the bottom line is that given Israel's history of espionage and false flag terrorism, they are not a trustworthy long-term partner in any undertaking. Texas doesn't need a "Texas-Israel Day", (Though Texans will get it, starting next Wednesday.) Texans do not need water desalinated and controlled by foreign Israeli corporations. Here's a novel concept: Why can't American industry provide desalination services to Americans?
George Washington said it best in his Farewell Address, when he warned to "steer clear of permanent alliance with any portion of the foreign world." In that same speech, Washington added "even our commercial policy should hold an equal and impartial hand; neither seeking nor granting exclusive favors or preferences."
(article continues here http://libertyfight.com/2013/israel_is_pouring_in_to_control...

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JFK's Top Secret Letter to Israeli PM, July 1963


O'er the land of the free and the home of the brave!

I don't know why facebook

Why would Texas have a water shortage?

Politicians , that`s the answer they need to control your life and water is a BIG part of your life. 20 or 25 years ago Texas A&M and UT did a study of the Edwards aquifer. They found that there was enough water in the Edwards to last 150 to maybe 200 years even if it did not rain during that time. So the Feds and your state government found a spring up in Comal county that was formed with dynamite back in the 50`s that contained a few minnows , a salamander and a hand full of wild rice that they would put on the endangered species list. It`s the same BS as the global warming BS , it`s just a way your government can control you. By the way about 10 years ago they formed the Edwards Aquifier Authority (EAA) a new branch of government that added $5.00 tax to all the water bills in the area of the aquifier. It`s all about CONTROL by government!

It is hard to imagine a more stupid or more dangerous way of making decisions than by putting those decisions in the hands of people that pay no price for being wrong.
Thomas Sowell

I have a problem with your

I have a problem with your post.

I have never heard of snakes being snake oil salesman. I don't think they'd make particularly good ones.

You can't post this because it has a blocked link

The content you're trying to share includes a link that's been blocked for being spammy or unsafe.


That sentence above is the message I got when trying to post that website page to Facebook.

The reason there is drought

The reason there is drought in Israel or here for that matter is because of how we waste water especially for agriculture. Permaculture is the answer instead of the water running on the surface and and not soaking in to the soil washing away top soil nutrients and minerals you can design water retention into the land.



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This sounds like foreign subterfuge!

Or a insidious foreign invasion.



Resist the temptation to feed the trolls.

Snakes are now technoligically advanced?

Maybe Texas and the USA need a wake up call? Or maybe this is one reason Ron and Rand call Israel a friend? Could one of thsoe desalnation plants wind up in Galveston? Is having potable water important to people? If Israel has the techonology and Texas needs it, what's the problem?

TRADE? Suddenly trade is BAD? Or is it jjust that Israel is advancing and surpassing the USA in science and technology, which we are dependent?

This article writes as if Israel was forcing desalination plants on Texas.

If I was Perry, I would have a competitiion from the univerciies in Texas to design a water desalination system.. but as it is.. Texas is seeking bids for water desalination to supply a demand for potable water and Israel is the tops... to me, this is no different that CA passing trucking to Mexico, or having companies from Asia jobbing out engineering, construction, food industry..

Articles like this, and the other one about protesting Monsanto.. it's appearing to me that Israel and American companies, "friends, because we work together, warts and all, we are not at war.. and people are not seeing this global war clearing.. especially Americans who are focusing on what is comfortable based on emotional responses.

Maybe those who oppose Israel's technology, engineering, design would prefer China's? If American can't// if Texas can't.. and there is a demand for water.. who?

Don't let this Israeli tie you up! (The Granger)

Please spread our truth on the Web. Delphiforums is a very active place to do so(politics section). A good focus is the murdering of Palestinians, especially children, as well as American children dying in the military in the Middle East, and American taxpayers money being sent off as foreign aid to all countries, especially Israel.

I highly encourage, and ask you to please start Facebook(and Myspace) pages to gain many friends and then start making posts to spread the truth of the Israeli attack on America.

Here are good sources of truth and examples: ifamericansknew.org and ussliberty.org Thank you all for your efforts to protect our country and culture from evil.

I have had thoughts that people want to separate the US from

its friends. Of all the countries in the world people are screeming about a single dot on the map like that little bitty dot is a blight on the whole world. Maybe, just maybe, there are other entities that are the real blight and they are trying to deflect blame on Israel. I don't know. I am still trying to figure out all the anti Israel stuff.

I hear there are going to be water shortages...shouldn't we be thinking about using salt wather NOW?

I hear there are food shortages. I am not all sure about Monsanto. They are demonized too. I don't like GMO. I don't want to eat corn that kills worms. I don't want pestisides and round up sprayed on the stuff I am going to eat and in the environment in which I live. But sometimes I wonder if Monsanto is demonized because enemies of the US would like to destroy the US.

Granger, I don't know what to think. It is hard to sort thru all the disinformation. And there is evil at work. I saw a post or oomment yesterday that said something about hating the government. I don't hate the government. There is a post on here about firemen being hicks and I see things about police brutality. Sure those things happen and there are big problems with civil Liberties, but to hate the government, and to demonize police, firemen, Israel and companies seems to me like misinformation meant to disrupt the United States and cause us to fall to our enemies...or did I just mention the enemies as being the government, firemen, police, and companies? It is all so confusing.

I don't know. I am thinking out loud. I have seen you a couple of times defending Israel and wanted to ask you more about it, but haven't till now. I have been taught all my life to respect authority, be patriotic and to love Israel.


I used to defend Israel (I've already written this out many

times), but at that time I couldn't separate Israel from Judaism, and now I can--

I don't defend America anymore either, because so many government agencies and so many lawmakers are so 'out of control'.

I am saddened to see what has become of the country my ancestors founded--

some of them. Or helped to found it; I don't have any ancestors who were wealthy enough to be 'founding fathers', but I had some who fought in the Revolutionary war--

as far as Israel goes, I know too many Jews who aren't happy with how the Palestinians have been treated--

and there are Jews who don't think the country is headed in a good direction.

As for loving any country but my own, I do love a country I lived in for several years that has nothing to do with America or Israel--

but I wouldn't be happy if they did anything violent either--

I won't defend violence. I really want to 'side' with people who are Godly--

and many Godly Jews are not happy with Israel.

The bottom line is which authority do *we* honor? For me the only authority worth respecting is God's authority, and I try to treat others with respect to please Him. I don't respect the authority of any man/woman. But the laws of God demand that I treat others as I would have them treat me.

As for Monsanto, it isn't even an American company--

it's a global giant--

so if a person is unhappy with Monsanto, they are not attacking America--

I try not to 'hate', but I am very unhappy with what I consider the rogue element in the American government.

And I think the rogue element has overpowered the constitution-respecting aspects of the American government/American population--

it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--

I agree

"I try not to 'hate', but I am very unhappy with what I consider the rogue element in the American government.

And I think the rogue element has overpowered the constitution-respecting aspects of the American government/American population--"

I just don't see a reason to hate Israel either because America and Israel are made up of a list of people. There are people on that list that do bad things and there are people on that list who do good things.

Is America us, the people? Or is America a rogue government?

I can ask the same about Israel.

I think there are people who do hate and it is those people who will put out disinformation. I want to be sure that I understand the difference between what is true and was is misinformation.

I don't think I have ever heard Ron Paul speak ugly about Israel. He spoke of her as a nation who should do what she wants to do in regards to protecting herself without any money ties to America do do what America wants her to do.

Then there is that USS Liberty attack. I cannot understand that at all.


I am not aware that Dr. Paul was ever critical of any . . .

nation but the U.S.

I'm that way about religion, too. I tend to be more critical of *my own* than of other religions.

I guess it's this verse that does it to me--

Philipians 2:12

"Work out your own salvation with fear and trembling" means, to me, that we need to look to ourselves and our own problems/weaknesses, not to the problems and weaknesses of others.

Because I have the Christian 'label' on me and the American 'label' on me, I criticize the way Christians and Americans behave.

Dr. Paul has been critical of the CIA and he's mentioned blowback.


There are those in America who believe that Dr. Paul is pro-Islam and anti-Semitic (which is ironic). *We* know better. We know that Dr. Paul doesn't favor anyone but is very critical of America's interference throughout the world.

Dr. Paul's strength is one thing that many people can't understand. He is 'self'-critical. There are those in every culture who do that, but it's considered un-American for anyone in America to criticize America.

As for Israel, I used to openly accept Israel as the representative of all Jews, until I found out, first, about Rabbi Weiss and then second about the hundreds of thousands of Jews around the world who aren't in Israel who aren't even necessarily Orthodox or practicing who do not like what Israel has done to Gaza.

In other words, I'm not a collectivist, so when I see "Israel" I don't think "Jews"--

I see a country as corrupt as any other, including my "own"--

I don't think there is a nation in the world that hasn't been corrupted by evil influence; there may be some that are more apparently corrupt, but it is there, everywhere.

Just as I need to look at myself first:

Luke 6:42 (look at the beam in my own eye before I try to pull the mote out of another's eye)--

I look at America first, then I look to see where the corruption and evil is in other countries.

This makes it very difficult for me to talk to anyone who is conventionally patriotic. :/ I don't see patriotism as an unalloyed good--

It is what happened to the USS Liberty that has made me wonder how much Israel might influence America. To have the power to silence a nation like America means something; I am not sure what, but it is significant and doesn't need to be ignored.

With that in mind, I am skeptical of Israel--

and appreciate men like Rabbi Weiss and Noam Chomsky and SO many others--

These men aren't afraid to call evil evil . . .--

Plus, as a Christian, I agree with Rabbi Weiss that the Jews will receive a homeland from God, when they are righteous, not from the U.N. (etc.) when they are not.

Jesus told the Jews (the elders among them) that God could raise up seed unto Abraham from stones . . . so He doesn't care much about blood. What He loves is obedient hearts; He loves all of His Children, but He appreciates and blesses those who serve Him. In the meantime, the rain falls upon the just and the unjust, as we know--

So, I do believe the time will come when the Jews will have a homeland, but it won't be through destruction and oppression--

There is a verse somewhere in the O.T. (and I'm getting lazy; I'm not finding references anymore) that implies that 2/3 of those in Jerusalem in the last days will be destroyed, before Christ comes--

I don't WANT that; I don't want anyone, good or bad, to be destroyed, but I do know that God knows what is best for everyone--

after that, those Jews who have waited for the Messiah and have been patient and not been violent . . .

will receive a homeland, and they won't kill anyone to get it. The swords will be beaten into plowshares--

and those who have been peaceful and compassionate (who have loved God) will inherit the earth--

blessed are the peacemakers, and the meek will inherit the earth--

these guys are both:


and they are all over the place. They have been silenced, but they will be heard in the end.

God blesses those who serve Him. He allows the violent to do violence, but in the end, He will bless those who have done what He has asked them to do.

This is what I believe. I can't document it.


it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--

((((((((((bear))))))))) Thank you for the thought filled post

Exactly, like you, I began wondering out loud here.. I had the same tjhoughts as you, and can not express my thoughts better than you have here. THANK YOU.

I wondered why Ron and Rand said, "Israel is our friend". Why? I had to answer for myself, "Why would Israel be MY friend?"

Ron Paul has been an education. I did not agree with Ron Paul 100% when I came into the rEVOLution. I don't mind the downvotes because many times, I understand the downvoter being 30, 20, 10, 5 years ago and less, I would have agreed with them. What is hard is putting it into words (and this month I was hit pretty hard with the death of my baby brother.. I missed a test I paid to take in January I am so anxious to get my certificate.. my preist is being transfered.. friend is recovering from attempted suicide.. so I have a lot on my plate and I zone out on DP. I'm ok.. it's just a bum time and nothing I can do but pray and heal.. anyways about Israel

So the League of nations establish Israel, a human waste land, a place to deport Jews (mostly for political reasons from communist nations) and Israeli's create this highly advanced technological cosmopolitain state that surpassed the nations that purged these people. That's is rarely discussed.

Israel has POWER because the Israeli's strive to thrive.. not sustain, and those who merely want to sustain, resent and are jealous, so they attack Israel as if Israel has no right to defend itself.. the world establishes a place, dumps people there, those people advance, and the world cries "foul", when they defend themselves or sell their technology to those who apparenty are in the market for what Israel makes?



funny; I come on DP, too--

when things are so hard in my personal life that I need the distraction of . . .

hantai itai--

(counter pain)

it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--

Oh Dear Granger,

My you are having trial upon trial. I find that it is very difficult to heal when one comes right on the heals of another. In 1993/4 I went thru a time that started with a very difficult church situation during which my Uncle committed suicide, then my Grandmother died, then my parent's house burned to the ground and my baby brother didn't get out. His funeral was on my 31st birthday. Then my 2nd grandmother died within a month. When it was all said and done I used to sit in church and cry. It was the only time I was still enough to feel. I couldn't even pray during that time. I was numb. So my dear friend, I am so sorry for you. May you heal sooner than later.

There is a scripture that I think of:
I Peter 5:10 But the God of all grace, who hath called us unto his eternal glory by Christ Jesus, after that ye have suffered a while, make you perfect, stablish, strengthen, settle you. 11 To him be glory and dominion for ever and ever. Amen.

I hope that it will be a measure of comfort to you.

Thank you for the news links. I found them interesting. It is interesting that China wants to work out peace with Israel and Palestine. I did not know that.

I wish I could hear Ron Paul speak on these things. I know he said that we should let Israel take care of herself, be friends with her, and stop using money to tie her hands. But I don't remember him saying that we should hate her.

You are in my prayers, Dear Granger.


Absolutely ((((bear)))))

It definately brings me great comfort and I am grateful to recieve it. THANK YOU. There go I but for the grace of God.

I too wish Ron Paul would speak about things like this on a deeper level, but I'm beginning to think, he was alwasy about elevating Rand and he did it.. recently he said he agreed with Rand 99%.

I hope one day to spend some time in Israel.. like a month, going places, meeting people, doing things archilogical dig, volunteer.. tour, see for myself instead of all this MSM, YouTube and brainwashing.

It's very difficult to find what is good about Israel on Google, as it was difficlt to find Ron Paul.. my first poster saud google Ron Paul and then they buried him.. there is a reason they bury Israel, but I have this deep feeling, Israel is going to win the peace and those who stood with her in her darkest time will be glad they did.

It will be like being pinched and discovering you were actually awake.

Thank you for the prayer (((((bear))))) peace be with you.

99% is pretty good! I think I agree with Ron Paul 99%

I am not sure what 1% I wouldn't agree, lol :) I like Rand Paul. I have had a hard time on the drone on US soil thing. But there is plenty of time to hear him speak and I appreciate all that he does to stand for Liberty.

You know Granger, during the Democratic convention, they hard a hard time getting the vote passed for Israel. I don't think it really even passed except they said it did...kinda like some of the GOP stuff that was railroaded a that convention.

These are crazy times. Let us continue to see the truth even when it is not the popular course. That is one of the things I appreciate about you. You are willing to stand even when no one will stand with you. That takes courage.



I'd say nothing is going to stop Ron from backing Rand.

That is good to know!

I do hope though if Rand were to turn coat that his father would be the first to alert us. Not saying that Rand would do such a thing. I am just saying that I would expect Ron Paul to look past blood in the Name of Liberty. I just had a thought! Maybe Ron will campaign for Rand! Wouldn't that be grand!

"A human waste land" What an

"A human waste land" What an arrogant statement! Maybe you ought to ask the families that lived there for generations who were pushed out if they thought their land was wasted space!. The world didn't create Israel, a bunch of thugs from the League of Nations, which is now called the UN, did.

"It is difficult to free fools from the chains they revere".

It's hard not to be a menace to society when half the population is happy on their knees. - unknown

That would be like asking the families in the USA

how they feel about being pushed off Mexico for an occupation by the USA government, eh?

I know a family that Catholic Church records date back 300 years, before they were Americans, they were Mexicans, and befor that, Spanish invaders to the Pomo, who, like most native American tribes in CA, were not warriors.

Whoever owned the barren desert lands appears to have lost their land to the League of Nations, and the UN decades ago, why blame those who were dumped or chased to Israel?

The Israelis did to the land they were forced to occupy (being dumped there after being born in gulags) what Howard Huges did for Las Vegas. Like Palestines in Israel, many Mexicans work in Las Vegas. Las Vegas was Mexico, should it go back to Mexico and the owners?

Grainger, you and Ira continue

to argue about main stream deceivery on the account of Israel. You both need to learn the Truth about Israel and its creation. Here, is a book written by Jack Berstein who believe he was emigrating from the US to the promise land for the Jews, and boy did he get a grand awakening. http://www.biblebelievers.org.au/israel.htm
This was written in 1985, before their were prison walls built to herd the 'goy' into their corrals, restrict their food, care, and ability to move about if they don't mind their masters. They are even beginning to herd the Ethiopian Jews, who carry the real blood of the Israelites through Solomon, into corrals they call refugee camps. Do I agree with what our government did with the Native Indians, absolutely not, but that was hundreds of years ago. This apartheid is occuring now, and the Palestinians like the Indians of past are revolting by any means they can to a superior force that is greatly supported by out elected officials and debt placed on the American people. I believe in the self preservation priciple spoken to the prophets by the Almighty God, they need to be left 'to reap what they sew'. Also, using Jonathan Pollard as an example of the extremely under reported hundreds of examples, much of their technology is stolen from our inovations here in America.

I'm well aware of this

And I have personally known people who went through the same ordeal.

This is why I say Israel's real problem is it's too small. 30K people a day go to Israel, and many want to live there, and they make bad deals, and they build illegally and the Israel government comes in to clean up the mess, and they wind up looking like the bad guy.. but the truth is,, don't we all wish we had a government that backed us, even though we were wrong? Many who immigrate to Israel are not prepared, and nor is Israel.

These Jews, Ethiopian or what have you, see a better life in Israel (compared to where they live) and it's worth the fight to them.. what is Israel supposed to do?

Goy have different customs than kosher Jews.. In major hotels, we have kosher and regular kitchens.. is that wrong?

Excellent post

Very informative, +1

A lot of people seem to forget/not know about the treatment of Ethiopian Jews. It should be brought up more often, partially because Israel-firsters wouldn't be able to use their favorite label as a counter 'argument', AND it exposes genuine racism.

A signature used to be here!

A great mentor once told me

A great mentor once told me "All you have been taught is wrong". Once I realized it was mostly true, I was free!

"It is difficult to free fools from the chains they revere".

It's hard not to be a menace to society when half the population is happy on their knees. - unknown

Hi Ira,

You mentor's words and your words:

"A great mentor once told me "All you have been taught is wrong". Once I realized it was mostly true, I was free!"

I think the part I struggle with is the part of figuring out what is "mostly true" between what is patently false. It is also hard even after finding out what is wrong not to revert back to nearly 50 years of thinking. And then there is the misinformation which I am sure is spread far and wide to keep people who have figured out that the company line is wrong from completely grasping what is true. I think there are also enemies of the US who would like to make this time of turmoil their gain. And by "their" I don't know who they are. You know when the US fought in Vietnam they dropped propaganda leaflets to discourage the nationals. So I have to say, it is all very confusing to me. I wish Ron Paul were 30 years younger with a 40 year record. lol, because I am not even sure about Rand Paul, though I want him to be like his father.


Granger, I know you have a good heart.

People are using your good heart to sell you down the river. It is not about "free trade" it is about having foreign nations control our water supply. It is not about Monsanto's right to sell their products, they are outlawing ALL OTHER methods of farming. In the name of "free trade" you defend monopolies of the most heinous sort.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

Thank you (((((fishy))))) I know you have a good heart too

No one is selling me anything.. How does building a water desalination plant control the water for the demand in Texas?

To me, Monsanto is a red herring.. just like Israel.. Codex Alimentarius (food code for the U.N. Agenda 21, which is working to transform nations into corporations (leave every individual behind).

I did not say this was FREE trade. The only free trade I recognize is the black market. This is trade, not force.. the force is coming from the UN Agenda, who has two huge problems.. Israel and Monopolies like Monsanto, which they want to own.

I still don't understand, why Mendocino county can PROVE that we can stop GMO (ALL GMO, not just Monsanto) from being grown in our county.. why can't others? Maybe we really don't want GMO and other want FORCE to work for them rather than do it themselves? What?