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Police Caught by Their Own Dash Cam Framing Citizens For Another Cop's Crimes

More dirty cops. And people want more of these goons on the street?


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Every day

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I wonder how they are

I wonder how they are enjoying the vacation? They will soon all be back to work and this will be swept under the rug. They should all do very hard time! They wear the badge and should be held to a higher standard. Can you imagine all this to keep a fender bender from his own record.

Prosecute them under the RICO ACT

If I was a lawyer, that is what I'd try to do.

“When a well-packaged web of lies has been sold gradually to the masses over generations, the truth will seem utterly preposterous and its speaker a raving lunatic.” – Dresden James

Our son got his awakening the other night too

At a college party at his friend's house, he got taunted into patting a girl on the rear. Apparently, this was not the first time this event was sprung on freshmen. So, afterward, some guys get in his face for doing so and he stands up to them. (I guess others just cowered to give them power??) It escalates and the cops are called.

Cop enters saying if I got called, someone's getting arrested. The older boys point towards our son first, even though he's beaten up pretty good and they're fine. Cop presses 3rd degree assault on him and cuffs him. No Miranda was read and he was released after a couple hours.

He was told he cannot file charges against them because it was their house. He was told that if he pushes the issue, they will charge him with sexual assault which will be on his record for 10 years. And he was told that if he didn't leave the police station (he kept asking for a supervisor), that he would be arrested again.

Not sure what's going to happen but I'm sick and tired of hearing these stories. This is his second time the law has picked him out of a crowd. First time, he was standing up for a girl's rights.

Is reality check

This is standard fraternity stuff. This is how these people practice to become abusive once they get into positions of power. This is how it works.
Let's suppose that Bush Jr. gets into Harvard. He is obviously way below the rest in brains, guts, etc. So he joins a fraternity where his peers - i.e. rich kids with powerful parents and a little bit useless by themselves - get together and put on a show of being really cool. They will recruit/accept a couple of very bright/intelligent people or outstanding ahtletes in their group so that the group looks like 'top of the line'.
Since they have a lot of money, connections, etc, they will seem like the best of the best to other students who are just getting to know the school, having financial burdens, etc. They think - how can these guys study, have fun, have good looking girlfriends, etc. at the same time. This is natural we all fall into that trap.
Part of fraternity life is to humiliate others. They will setup people - like your son - to feel themselves empowered since they are so useless on their own. Someone goes to a party to have fun, feels the vibe, etc. and they will fall into such a trap.
Now these Bushes & Chenney's graduate and they follow the same pattern but on a bigger scale. The populace is tricked into believing they are succesful, etc, etc. when in reality they just have a good system of deceit.

And that - as Ben Swann says - Is reality check

I agree

It's tough going through it these days. I don't have the patience anymore to put up with games like that so I'm not sure I could tolerate it like they do.

My other son actually became the leader of his frat (different state) and straightened the place out. He spent two years as president and 1 as Greek Council president so he basically dumped all that behavior. They jumped more than 20 slots in their national ranking under him. The younger one, however, isn't quite following that route. lol

"afterward, some guys get in his face for doing so"

"and he stands up to them".

Then we find out it was their house not his.


Better have a talk with son and explain the nature of private property as well as assault. He's fortunate it didn't come to worse.

Most of those who think so actually don't and most of those who think sew actually rip.

So they have the right to assault

on someone they invite to their house because they also have the right to play judge and jury for some action not related to them? How is he not allowed to press charges against them for physically beating him up? They don't have a mark on them and he's got more than one.

I just don't get the hypocrisy of this group sometimes.

And the original comment wasn't requesting parenting advice on what/when to have a talk with him. His mother and I have taken care of that and then some. The comment was on the procedures of the police involved. ...and issue no one has broached yet.

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You've got the terminology wrong

Bringing your fist back by your ear is assault -- it is the threat of force.

Lightly touching someone is battery.

Your son did not commit only assault; he committed assault and battery.

The owner(s?) of the house also committed both assault and battery, and they should be liable for it.

You need to teach your son a bit more about peer pressure, as others have noted. We were all young once; some of us did not abuse women.

I love you. I'm sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you.
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You're correct on the terms.

Thank you for the correction. (Not that I agree cocking a fist 'should be' labeled as such.)

And I'm pretty confident nothing like this will happen EVER again. Consider him 'taught'.

Ignoring the rest of the

Ignoring the rest of the story, your boy should be stronger in the face of peer pressure, and most importantly, DEFINITELY should NEVER have assaulted a woman (yes, it was assault if he "patted" a woman's rear without permission). Seems like you gloss over this not-so-trivial point in favor of cop-bashing.

While complaints about the police handling of the situation may or may not be justified (awful lot of details missing), I'm not sympathetic to your son at all, especially when I consider if it had been my daughter/wife/sister's rear he had "patted."

I am, however, sympathetic to you as a parent, and I wish you and your son the best in learning and growing from his mistakes.

You obviously haven't been to a college party

in a very long time. The environment is nothing close to what you or I would consider politically correct... from either gender. The weekend I go to my other son's frat with other fathers, there are girls there with every agenda in the book and openly acting as such. I'm not going so far as to say I condone his actions because in my day, things were different but I'm certainly not going to sit idly by and let his future get ruined by a long standing college prank gone awry.

"yes, it was assault if he ..." Give me a break. Offensive, maybe. Rude, certainly, but assault? I'm guessing you would claim your student was sexually harrassed if a 1st grader kissed her on the cheek. Can't stand this thin-skinned crap these days. Pathetic.

So nice that you dismissively gave the cops a free pass too... just so you can call me a cop basher. Perhaps I should list the 8 professors who are writing documents to the mayor about similar abuse from this same cop over recent years? Or the character witness documents that nearly every other person at the party INCLUDING THE OFFENDED GIRL have already written on our son's behalf. Oh, but if I had listed that, I'd surely be in denial and protectionist. Claiming missing details discounts my relaying all the relevant info and basically calls me a protectionist liar. Sad.

Do forgive me for using my

Do forgive me for using my critical faculties.

I had no idea your word was divine -- regarding information gleaned at second-hand, no less! Would that I had known your story was all-encompassing as it pertains to your "relaying all the relevant info," as clearly you and you alone are fit to judge, why I would rightfully have taken your second-hand account as gospel from the start.

I'll not ask for "irrelevant" details from your infallible anecdotes again.

(end sarcasm)

On the other hand, your charges that I "dismissively gave the cops a free pass" are patently false. Find the words indicating I've done so please.

Your words are those of a protective, apologetic parent. While "thin-skinned crap" to you, others call unwelcome physical touching of a sexual nature assault. That the "offended" girl wrote on your son's behalf changes nothing about that, but rather speaks to her own tolerance of inappropriate behavior, specifically on the part of your son.

To illustrate, had it been someone much older and whom the "offended" girl had not recognized, she might not write the same letter. The offensive behavior is no different; only her tolerance of it, dependent upon the offender.

If there is more to the story, it only reinforces my position that details matter; and condemns your claim that you had provided "all the relevant info."

Wow. You might want to check your meds

I didn't say my word was divine. I said I had not included any details that seemed irrelevant (and yes, that supposes that I'm determining which). My point was to avoid the he-said, she-said part and just give the info as the cop saw it. I certainly don't need lectures about my kid's behavior. I commented on a police related post to show police bias which you have and continue to dismiss.

You ask for the words where you do so? How about dwelling on the side issue you deem most important to you while simply stating that things like arrests without Miranda and refusal to file charges are a 'side issue'.

I'm hardly a protective or apologetic parent. I treat all 6 of our kids the same. You take personal responsibility for both the good and the bad you do. You don't take ANYTHING that isn't fair, from anyone. That's the exact reason he got in trouble the first time. He stopped the police at our front door and wouldn't let them in without a warrant but they forced their way past him and came in without permission. We didn't have the money to fight that one so he got obstruction and minor in possession charges made up after the fact, even though he hadn't had anything to drink at all.

So I ask you, as an obvious parent, would you be a little critical of the police or not?

And as far as 'the girl being overly tolerant', I said I agree personally. But the atmosphere there is truly different from our day. They have games where 'the girl' often drops a guy's shorts and drags him around by his... well, guess. And this goes on in the middle of 60+ people. All are drinking, playing beer pong, music cranked, and dancing with all levels of clothing missing. Being the last Saturday night before they all go home for the summer, I can't imagine this party to be any different.

Any comment on my original question???

Well thank goodness they are on administrative leave

so they can alter paperwork for any other cops who get caught.
Why aren't they in jail? One Tsarnaev got murdered on less evidence.

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