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NC Man Arrested for Drinking an Iced Tea

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Thugs with badges

That thug didn't even initially identify himself or read him his rights or say what the charges were while cuffing him.

One night, about 7PM, I get a call from the police station saying my car had been broken into that afternoon and if I could come down to go over it and sign some papers. When I get there I'm told that some guy saw some kid break into my car and he pulled the kid out, called the cops and now the kid was in custody. Then the cop shows me something and asks me if I know what it is and I say no. He says it's marijuana and opens the bag, takes out a piece of folded aluminum foil, undoes that and shows me the content. I look at him and say, "Okay, but I don't know why you're showing me that." The cop says they found it on the kid and the kid said he found it in my car. I laughed and said that of course the kid would say that so as avoid a possession charge. The cop suddenly becomes outraged and says there's no reason for the kid to lie like that and if I don't take this seriously he will throw me in jail for drug possession! I'm thinking, "On the word of some punk who broke into my car??!!" and I just stare back at the cop incredulously. Cop then walks away from his desk for some reason and on his desk is the kid's open folder and he's got a full rap sheet. I had seen the kid's name and when I was telling one of my friends about what happened was told the kid is a well known-in-the-area drug dealer and the son of someone on the food chain - political or big business, don't remember - and the cops are always trying to shift blame for whatever the kid does onto the victim. Nothing happened to me, BTW, and I'm sure nothing happened to that kid. Oh wait, something did happen to me - it was on that day I learned to NEVER trust a cop.

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Un real !!!

what do you say to that ?

I just wanna toss my arms in the air and say " F it "

What stopped those people from taking that sad excuse for a peace officer and defending that citizen from a unlawful arrest ?

The revolution will not be televised because we have no balls

over and out !!!

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The wrong person was arrested!

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looks like the court date is june 6.


Google is government.

If you post this you could at least get it right

He wasn't arrested for drinking ice tea. He was arrested for being black, don't you know that's a crime without the proper papers. You should have registered properly with your local agency. You'll know it by the gas chambers out back.

And yes I am being sarcastic for those who couldn't catch on.

Anyone else here would have fought the 'cop'. Not in uniform and I didnt hear him properly identify himself. Not to mention violating someones rights.

wow, that actually just happened.

this has got to be one of the most ridic arrests i have ever seen.

I'm inclined to believe it's

I'm inclined to believe it's fake. I mean, I find it kind of suspicious that at the beginning of the video he tells the camera what he is drinking, Before everything starts happening.

Upon further thought after viewing part 2, it might actually be real holy sh*t!

I was thinking that, too,

but of course it turned out to be true.

So much just seemed like perfect timing. There was such a clear introduction of what he was doing there and what he was drinking, then the creepy guy shows up and doesn't identify himself and that was just so...creepy and aggressive. And right when the problem was introduced, here comes the drunk guy photo-bombing the situation and highlighting the absurdity, then right back into the flow of events with no slow lulls.

It did have the flow of a scripted story, but I guess perfect timing happens in real life occasionally, too.

Defend Liberty!

This 4TH AMENDMENT ice-tea issue is real. And getting coverage!

Here's more info: http://m.fayobserver.com/articles/2013/05/03/1254450?path=/a...
And check out this comment on Part 2:

chip dibble 34 minutes ago
"...i just called the police station and the woman cop i talked to felt like wow everyones calling from reedit, youtube etc.
Call this number (910)484-8167 The female cop gave me this number to call and said the alcohol and tobacco division is handling calls for this CASE.
Every call makes a difference as a Police Station can not take the pressure of the media, their own officers creating a liability CALL"

When we try to pick out anything by itself, we find it hitched to everything else in the Universe.
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Part 2 clearly shows its

Part 2 clearly shows its real...

David Earl Williams III for Congress

It's so unbelievably bad that

It's so unbelievably bad that you almost wish it was fake!

Is this fake?

Holy crap. Is this even real? I really hope it isn't because that is incredibly messed up. How can you trespass on private property where the owner didn't ask you to leave?

If this is true, that police officer needs to be fired after he apologizes for being a total d-bag.

Not that I like the race card much but this smells a little like a race thing.

"I'm the poh-lice" says the thug.

ATTENTION LEOS: your badge has become a symbol of criminal behavior and soon it won't shield you.

It will make you a target.

Be brave, be brave, the Myan pilot needs no aeroplane.

I can't believe the guy didn't lose his cool.

And thank God for that. Glad someone was able to capture it all. Glad it's going viral.

When we try to pick out anything by itself, we find it hitched to everything else in the Universe.
~ John Muir

He probably gets stopped for nothing a lot

and he is smart enough to not make it worse.

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Sad to think that that's the case,

but that would explain it. :(

One thing did make me smile, sort of - when the friend was told to leave, which he did but filming & talking the whole time: "I COULD TALK, mf! FREEDOM OF SPEECH!" I was reminded of clips I watched during the campaign, RP-supporting blacks who'd awakened to the fact that neither of the two parties was standing up for our rights. :)

P.S. I was relieved that the cop didn't take the iced tea. It was proof he didn't even suspect it was alcohol (or he'd have taken it as potential evidence). Plus I was afraid he might slip something into it.

P.P.S. Boy, does this make FAYATTEVILLE, ALAMABA look bad. Well, the court date is JUNE 6. Info is posted below the clip. I hope all concerned will know that over a MILLION people around the country will have seen the video (over 900 thousand now with a month to go) and will be awaiting the outcome.

When we try to pick out anything by itself, we find it hitched to everything else in the Universe.
~ John Muir

The should have beat thst

guys ass. I don't think any jury would convict.

Another Small Penis with a Badge....

They should at least require that every police officer have at least an average-size penis before issuing them a badge and gun.

Otherwise, this will be the result.

The cop could have simply asked professionally,"Excuse me,sir. I can't tell if that is an alcoholic beverage or not. Would you mind if I confirm that it isn't?"

The cop came at him all accusatory and then talk to him like he was a child.

If it had been a beer or liquor drink, he would have smelled it.

Little dick tells him to leave the property instead.

I'm all for obeying a police officer's instructions but it requires they act like they deserve the honor and respect by acting like a professional. If they can't, then they should find another job.

Cops are human too. Yes, and so are the people they mistreat.

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NC is consistently ranked top 10 place

for doing business but apparently ranks far down with East Skankville when it comes to civil rights.

"Iced tea" from a can is an affront to any true Southerner,

and should be avoided, but should not be criminalized.

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Human beings from up north

are an affront to any true Southerner as well (while I don't blame them except we're all not that bad).

I don't mind the Yankess who move down South

I view it as better judgement overcoming an accident of birth.

Unless they start telling us how much better things were back North, for which the famous retort by Lewis Grizzard was,

"Delta is ready when you are.".

just messed up but i had to talk about it


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