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Need CPA referral for small business colleague

Hi DP-land,

I have a colleague in the "complementary and alternative medicine" field who currently operates their business as a sole proprietorship, which as you probably know, is often the highest-taxed and highest-liability way to run a business. This person also sells products online and does coaching with a colleague who is a Canadian. They have clients/customers in both countries.

I have suggested that they talk to someone about creating some kind of business entity (LLC, c-corporation or whatever) to protect their personal assets from frivolous lawsuits, etc. But clearly, I'm not an expert and can't give anyone legal or tax advice.

Can anyone recommend a business structure advisor who can recommend the best entity (and the best jurisdiction) for these folks to incorporate? It would be great if this person has experience as both a CPA and attorney and is familiar with corporate structures, liability and tax issues as they relate to small businesses, retirement planning etc.

My colleague is not in the "liberty community" and a 16th-amendment-wasn't-ratified discussion is not appropriate, though I'd certainly pass on a referral who is aware of those issues. First and foremost, though, I'm looking for a referral who works "inside the Matrix" to set up entities and give advice to small businesses.


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