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Libertarian Network - Jag Tv

Jennifer Grossman is backing what will become the first ever Libertarian Network, JAG TV. JAG will have national liberty personalities (Gary Johnson, Jeffrey Tucker confirmed already) and will feature news, interviews, informative segments and more.

They have a survey up on the site and are looking for feedback.

If you feel like taking a quick survey, here is the link:


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Former Bush Sr.speech writer.

Former Bush Sr.speech writer. That's all I need to know to not watch


This is what we have been waiting for...

Could be a bad thing

Dying media system gains vitality by featuring libertarian ideas, and is also able to steer the discussion and keep people divided into camps.


I can't seem to find what "JAG" means, anyway it looks awesome, interesting choice of name, but I dig it. I'm in I'm a JAG bag.

Beep beep boop beep... I am a Paulbot... prepare for liberty and prosperity!

All done!

"Thank you for taking the time to lend us your thoughts and opinion. It will help us develop the network."

You're Welcome!

Game Changer!

Check this out!


We should all be getting behind this effort! This could be the best thing to happen for the liberty movement since Ron Paul himself!

I am!

Game Changing for sure

This would be great...

Make that "Will be great"

This is something that should be on the front page when Michael Nystrom gets back from his vacation, a lot.

I still can't stop thinking military attorneys TV though lol

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I'm thrilled for you Zak

I really truly am. Pat yourself on the back for me. You deserve it brother. Your patience and persistence is all coming together and starting to pay off. Keep chipping away at it. "Be bold and mighty forces will come to your aid".

Zak Carter – Business Development Adviser

Zak Carter has been passionate about helping regain lost freedoms since leaving the Army in 2008, and quickly came to believe we’ll always be on the losing end if we didn’t first start changing the media. Zak currently serves as PR Director for both BlueRepublican.org and the American Liberty Association.


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