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Official White House Petition: Fire Fbi Director Mueller For Ignoring Warnings And Letting The Boston Bombing Happen.

These petitions get perused by the media and can garner publicity, so they are worth signing whatever happens. Let this be the first of many. Mueller is just a domino. Let them all come down.


FIRE FBI Director Mueller for ignoring warnings and letting the Boston Bombing happen.

When do we demand that our highest officials be held responsible for acts of terror that were preventable? We are shocked to learn that the FBI was warned about Tamerlan Tsarnaev many times. We are shocked that the FBI says in its own website that Tamerlan was a "radical" and was preparing to join "underground groups." Russian intelligence warned the FBI about Tamerlan, and all of it came true.

Four people are dead, and hundreds wounded, because warnings were not properly followed up. The FBI must be held responsible for gross incompetence and neglect. Our beloved city is forever changed.

When the bullets started flying our police made no excuses, and got their man. We accept no excuses from FBI Director Robert Mueller, and demand he resign or be FIRED.

Created: May 03, 2013


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bumping for weekend signatures on new petition

pls. circulate.

Release the Sandy Hook video.