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VIDEO - Former Chief Of Staff To Colin Powell: Syrian Chemical Weapon Narrative Could Be An Israeli 'False Flag'

VIDEO - Former Chief Of Staff To Colin Powell: Syrian Chemical Weapon Narrative Could Be An Israeli 'False Flag'

The Young Turks

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Just curious

I could always come to your posts and see the Infowars pieces. Are fellow DPers trying to shame us for posting Alex Jones stories? Don't let the haters bully us and keep on doing what you always did before. You are one of the favorites on this site and I would hate for a few jerks to try and change what we post.
If Michael comes out and says, "NO more Infowars posts", that is one thing, and we would respect it and stop, but just a few grumblings from others is no reason to change what websites your postings come from.

And the same thing goes to people who post on the Boston Marathon bombings and Sandy Hook...there are lots of people who like that. The post today had the highest votes for a while. People don't have to read it if they don't like it.
I was able to customize my homepage so I don't have to see any posts on religion, and I like that very much and others can do the same on stuff they don't want to read about.

The video you posted had a good article with good info along with it on Infowars. http://www.infowars.com/former-chief-of-staff-syrian-chemica...

What attracted me to 'The Alex Jones Show' In The First Place

1. His vast knowledge of the global elite and their agenda

2. His ability to interview interesting and rate guests, such as Dr. Ron Paul, Dr. Rand Paul, Lew Rockwell, Dr. William Engdahl, Max Kiser, Richard C. Hoagland, Mark Skousen, Dr. Steven Piecznik, Robert Chapman, Jesse Ventura, Jim Tucker, Pator Lindsey Williams and others..

3) He has guts, enough to hound and gather information on the Bilderberg Group and the guts to get into the Bohemian Grove and video tape much of its ceremonial devil worshipping of Molock..

He has the guts, a big mouth and the knowledge to make a difference in the march toward liberty.

Many of his detractors would rather focus and exploit or complain about what they don't like about Alex Jones rather than what they like.

No one is say Alex Jones is perfect. Only God is perfect.

Alex Jones is an american hero, an american hero because of what he has discovered, exposed and talked about on his internet show. He has awakened many americans and has made, in my opinion, a huge difference...

You all have a right to agree or disagree with me and I welcome both..

After all, isn't the Daily Paul the proper forum for all of us to do just that.

AMEN, to that!

If anyone here has already pioneered a completely 100% independent liberty media model, and has built it from nothing, but with and from pure passion, blood, sweat and tears, while literally GIVING his works away for free for almost a decade and a half, letting people copy his films on VHS (not cheap and much more time consuming, pre-CD/DVD-burners), while exponentially garnering more and more audience year by year, worldwide, has taken the brunt of ridicule and disdain from MSM, the ruling class, and those who 'should' be on his side, yet still here, with a young crew behind him who love him and are driven by the same mission and are now growing like crazy, all at the ripe young age of 39?

yeah... no way would I ever want to have such legacy. LOL. NOT!

For a bunch of supposed free marketeers, some here sound downright anti-capitalist when it comes to talking about people actually making a living doing what they love, and what's more, something that's desperately needed: an independent voice in a sea of corporatist mouthpieces for the Ruling Class.

Alex is THE prime example of a self-made American Entrepreneur success story!

What F'ng a-hole is against that?

Oh right, commie elitist socialists @ Salon and their ilk.

F'ng POS Salon a-holes came out with an article yesterday bitching about how AJ's making actual money?

Like, Holy Scheisse, we got a genuine capitalist here who provides services and goods that his audience love! But noooo we can't have that! No Way! You gotta be dependent on govt subsidies and Fed. Res. bailouts! Because that would be the only 'American Way!'

OMG! OMG! OMG! No way man, like um, like, um like Salon is not a business, man... nor is FauxNews, NewsCorp/20th Century Fox-Murdoch empire, or the War Merchants GE's MSDNC and all their whores.

I could careless if Alex made billions a year. He deserves it!

He worked for it. And his audience voluntarily support him and his operation, with increasing volume and scale.

So, to all those bitching, consider this: the general awakening around the world wouldn't be the same, regardless of whether you like or approve, had people like Alex Jones and those before him, like Dr. Paul, who've toiled away in obscurity for years, didn't sew the seeds along their journey.

I care not; so, if anyone here can personally, individually can claim that they've woken up, literally, MILLIONS of human souls, worldwide, while still not losing your soul, maintaining financial independence to the point that you can grow and nurture and steward your operation, when everyone else's is imploding, paved way for modern gonzo on the street-confrontation journalism like Luke Rudkowski of We Are Change is continuing on AJ's tradition, I'm all ears.

So sick and tired of supposed free-marketeers tearing down an American liberty success story! To those of y'all: just STOP it! Yeah? How 'un-libertarian' of me to dictate not to do something? So? lol. Y'all know I mean it with 3VOL.O)

Predictions in due Time...

"Let it not be said that no one cared, that no one objected once it's realized that our liberties and wealth are in jeopardy." - Dr. Ronald Ernest Paul


I have no idea since when DP turned so anti-AJ/IFW...

Since the whole Piers Moron thing? Or, since Sandy Hook?? And what, by Boston, it hit a crescendo?

I literally cannot believe that a site populated by individualists will now be routinely be making statements like "if so & so says ____, it MAKES ALL of US LOOK BAD!"

I'm like WTF?

It's like, since when did this turn into a collectivist enterprise?

No individualist, no matter how tight a common coalition built on like-minded philosophy and principles would ever claim that an action of a wholly another person would disastrously impact 'our standing' in the eyes of _____!

Never, if one were being truly principally consistent.

It's like if TWO Ron Paul POTUS election cycles, numerous back and forth between minarchists/paleoconservatives/constitutionalists and AnCaps/voluntaryists/agorists couldn't at least yield that at least we all agree on the Golden Rule/NAP/NAA and that no matter what as long as one is principally of the mind that even if we had to use some status quo mechanisms, ie political systems, roads, FRN's etc, to work ourselves out of this, as long as we can at least agree to the fact that no matter what, voluntary human interaction is ALWAYS better than tax & murder-intimidating govt, we should all get along fine, if that realization didn't stick, since 2007, it's like what the hell?

literally, to NOT at least scrutinize, or at least merely even posit the possibility of whether there were a corporatist govt false flag whenever massively civil rights affecting events like Boston occurs, one would literally have to have been asleep @ DP, all this time! No?

So to pan InfoWars, even IF one dislikes AJ or their info (even though 80% of which are merely MSM headlines aggregation), to cite MSM sources as if they're some sole paragon of virtue at this point, it's like there's some collective geopolitical devolution afoot.

I was IN NYC-metro on 9/11. As soon as I saw WTC7, there was no doubt in my mind that that was a controlled demo.

And, knowing rudimentary physics, and understanding the engineering realities of rigging up a building of that size for Controlled Implosion, there were only two possibilities in this current physical world as we know it:
1. the building was designed with a CI option built in, when they first built the building
2. they had rigged up the building for CI, over a long duration

Which could only mean either a company co-opted security to do this slowly over time, or the building owner and/or security had to know it.

While it wasn't surprising that the idiot vox poluli response to 9/11 would be inane, idiotic, vicious, and fascistic, I frankly only saw the doom and gloom of more openly militarized police state looming, and was appalled by all the fake emblem of feigned patriotism popping up all around me.

But here's one thing: I was NEVER angry at anyone questioning the govt's neat-little full-o-holes fairytale narrative, and I had never even heard of Alex Jones in 2001!

So, the fact that people would shy away from info, just because the messenger is at times obnoxious, is frankly, an utterly unfathomable concept to me, at least especially when it comes to the R3VOLutionaries.

So, even if one does not want to pursue 9/11 truth, if they know the very real historically indisputable FACT of Operation Gladio, how in the world can anyone with even the most modicum of perfunctory understanding of history here at DP, NOT suspect govt/corporatist Wall St./City of London Mil.Ind.Complex and/or its dutiful actors??

Well...I 'get' that people are like that, but still: I just don't get it.

Seriously, with so many centuries of proof (centuries-ish, when it comes to the US hegemon) just WTF does one NEED to see/read/hear/learn/research more of, before the very 'brand' of govt becomes synonymous with an institutionalized violent thuggish psychopathic/sociopathic solely-self-serving-guild occupied by a bunch of assaulters, kidnappers, rapists, pedophiles, torturers, and murderers???

Literally, it's foolish to NOT assume them guilty, until 100% proven innocent, at this juncture in history, no?

So, why all the recent venom against AJ/IFW, at DP of all places, when 60% RP's 2007 supporters and financial support consisted of 9/11truth activists, AJ audience, End-the-Fed-ers, and the Patriot Movement/PaleoConservative remnants, is truly beyond me.

We simply looking for something or someone to bicker over? It's like post-Randpocalypse Mutt WRONGney-endorsement, 1st came the some new trolls inciting infighting between GJ vs. RP, then came inciting Constitutionalists vs. libertarians, then came an attempt to purge all AnCaps, to now, all 'truthers'???

like WTF?

Has the DP membership demographic changed that much, post-RP2012??

It's been bizarre watching the range of reaction and the vehement level of infighting eversince Sandy Hook...

Looking back, it's a wonder that Dr. Ronald Ernest Paul, the Septuagenarian Gray Champ had this almost magical ability to keep all of us 'ruffians' together.oD lol.

God/Cosmos bless that man!

But, c'est la vie: growing pains, I suppose...

Predictions in due Time...

"Let it not be said that no one cared, that no one objected once it's realized that our liberties and wealth are in jeopardy." - Dr. Ronald Ernest Paul

Still no mention of Clean Break in the fake press

The plebes love the Syrian WMD tales, but Powell never really recovered from taking a dive for Israel.

A Clean Break: A New Strategy for Securing the Realm. »
In an article published on the Canadian website globalresearch.ca, Nazemroaya said that the 1996 Israeli document, which included prominent U.S. policy figures as authors, calls for “rolling back Syria” in 2000 or afterward. The roadmap outlines pushing the Syrians out of Lebanon, diverting the attention of Damascus by using an anti-Syrian opposition in Lebanon, and then destabilizing Syria with the help of Turkey and other Arab countries, in addition to creating the March 14 Alliance and the Special Tribunal for Lebanon.


"Give a man a gun, and he could rob a bank. Give a man a bank, and he could rob the world."

Top Secret Letter from July 1963


O'er the land of the free and the home of the brave!

Got It!!

Thanks for posting..